What is mean by belief system

On the basis of certain impactful experiences, human beings start believing in something as a true or false. Over a period of time, such assumptions based on experiences get structured and help to form personal opinions and attitudes. Such set of assumptions formed by various environmental, as well as social factors is called as belief system.

“Meaning and definition of belief system”

It is a set of personal assumptions based on various life  experiences over a considerable period of time. In layman’s term, belief system is an interconnected system of various life experiences which force person to believe in something. Being a strong psychic invisible force, it has a strong bearing on the formation of opinions, behaviours, and attitudes in respect to other actors of society.

“Types of beliefs”

Life is nothing but the encyclopedia of various life experiences of different spheres like, environment, religion, economy, society etc. So,  through this journey, human gets affected by various impactful actions. And, he or she start believing in these things as a true or false, good or bad etc. In this way, slowly but surely, these believing gets transformed into trustable assumptions. And, these types of different assumptions pave the way to form beliefs.

“Role of belief system”

As I explained earlier that beliefs are a type of psychic reality about worldview. It is a more powerful internal force. So, it act as a basis for opinion formation and cultivate ground for decision making.

In short, beliefs are highly potent to form or alter the intent of human beings. Hence, it has great role in forming opinions, attitudes, and behaviours as per the beliefs.

Apart from life experiences, all the socialization agencies, cultural norms, values, customs and traditions act as the major determinants in forming the beliefs of person in any social setting. At the same time, all these things get impacted by the beliefs of person in return as well.

” Change in belief system”

It is true that beliefs are evolutionary and product of considerable period of time along various determinents. So, it is too difficult to change them as per our choice. Here, compare to other socializing agencies, education has great potential to alter the structured believing of social actor…

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