What is adverb of place

This blog is mainly designed to answer what is adverb of place and its application. Adverbs of place describe the specific aspect of place or location in which action of the sentence is performed. Unlike the adverbs of time, adverbs of place is used to modify or qualify action verbs. Adverbs are hardly used to modify adjectives and other adverbs.

 Some useful examples

 •Above  •Below  •Up   •Down  •Far  •Near   •Away

•Within   •Without   •In  •Out, •Here   •There,

•Anywhere  •Across,

•East   •West  •North   •South,(directions)

•Everywhere  •Nowhere, etc.

Purpose of use

These adverbs  are  used to describe the position, directions, and distance of the action, performed in the given sentence.

•Currently, cyclone is moving northward.

•He is walking in the garden.

•River flows across the floodplain .

Position of adverbs

We can use variety of forms of adverbs of place like single–word, phrases, and adverbial clauses. Adverbs of place have different rules for position in the given sentence.

Generally, these adverbs are used before the adverbs of time when both are used in the same sentence.

In case of  direct object, it is  placed immediately after the object ,otherwise, without object, placed after the main verbs.

•He is swimming across the river.

•I can drive my car in the central zone.

In the first example, “across the river” is an adverbial phrase used to describe the location of swimming. It immediately follows the verb because of there is no object.

However, in the second example, adverbial phrase is following the direct object of the sentence.

What does adverbial phrase mean?

We have learnt earlier that adverbial prepositional phrase can be used as adverbial complement. Here, as well, adverbial complement are termed as adverbial phrase and functions like adverbs of time.

Examples:- – in the ground, across the grassland, out of the stadium, etc.

Like adverbs of time, adverbs of place are also used at the beginning of the sentence with comma.

•In the Himalayan region, the incidents of cloudburst are increasing since a decade.

•In this district, government is planning to build first expressway.

Examples of adverbs showing directions or movements :– east,  west, north ,south, up down, forward, downward, directions + wards,

There is no fixed boundary to restrict the ambit of the use of adverbs of place. Nevertheless, with constant practice, the mastery can be achieved

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