The power of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a noble value that has always been practiced and preached by our great souls, saints, and spiritual gurus for the peaceful, true, and non-violent behaviour. In reality, the power of forgiveness is sourced by the golden jewels – love and compassion. So, it is the quality of mighty souls.

Meaning and importance of power of forgiveness

It is a kind of compassionate human response even against the punishable offence committed by any person with any motive. In such situation, common people tend to react angrily and demand punishment.

On the other hand, great souls act with kind heart as they are aware about the fact that every soul is the inseparable part of almighty and punishing offender means punishing almighty. And, when they forgive, God remains compassionate with them in return.

Importance of forgiveness

First, human beings is bound by karmas or deeds, whether good or bad, committed in his or her lifetime. It means that karmas cannot be recorrected or reversed anymore. So, karmas either be dissolved or can be forgiven by a person against whom it is committed.

Break the karmic cycle through the power of forgiveness

When someone, victim of bad karma done by others, invokes the feeling of anger and avenge against offender and resolve to teach lesson, the same cycle of bad deeds or karmas repeat itself unceasingly, making the human world violent.

Second, if someone forgives a person for his or her bad karmas, the vicious cycle of avenge can be broken and peaceful and non-violent human world can be realized.

The power of forgiveness symbol of greatness

Finally, the power of forgiveness is a noble quality that borne out of love and compassion and not hate and anger. So, being compassionate means being courageous, because only courageous souls could be compassionate. And, this is one of the easiest way of liberation or salvation from the cycle of birth and death.

Forgiveness: A path of liberation

There is no need to find escaping routs in the form of rite and rituals, pilgrimages, lofty donations to appease God for insane karmas or deeds in the process of life.

Actually, God isn’t emotional entity who can be appeased by offering money, gold, and eulogy by a sinner or offender.

Instead, God expect you to forgive those who committed something bad with you and be the messenger of love and compassion for peaceful and just world. And, this is the only way to liberate oneself from the cycle of karmic debt.

In short, we cannot expect love and compassion by offering anger and avenge. And, that’s why our great saints were the messenger of love, compassion and forgiveness.

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