Subject complements use and examples

Subject complement is a complementing word, phrase, or clause used to either describe or identify the subject in sentence by linking verbs. Simply, subject complement make subject more informative for understanding. For detail, let’s understand subject complements use and examples.

Using subject complements with suitable examples

Grammatically, subject complement compromises noun, pronoun, adjective predicates. Besides, noun clause is also used as a subject complement.

  • He is a cricket player. (phrase)
  • Tiger is very powerful.
  • She is a singer. (noun)
  • She is very intelligent.
  • The dog is in the garden.
  • They are in front of my house.
  • Bobby is in the classroom.
  • The bat is ours.
  • Singers are who sing the songs. (clause)

1. Use of predictive nouns as subject complements

  • Smith is a cricket player.
  • Corsica is an island.
  • Himalaya is a mountain
  • Amazon is a river.
  • Sahara is a desert.
  • Singapore is a port nation.
  • Sri Lanka is an island nation.

2. Use of predictive adjective as subject complements

  • Pacific Ocean is very vast.
  • Tree is circular and green.
  • Road is zigzag.
  • Gorge is so deep.
  • River is perennial.
  • Godavari river is seasonal.
  • He is short tempered.

3. Prepositional phrase as subject complements

  • The bird is in the cage.
  • The bike is in the parking.
  • Motor is on the bridge.
  • The bird is over the car.

4. Pronouns and noun clauses as subject complements

Moreover, pronouns, as well as noun clause is also used as a subject complement to describe and identify the subject of given sentence.

  • Singers are who sing the songs.
  • Players are who play the game.
  • Canada is where we want to go for holiday.

Generally, simple present and past tense are commonly used to indicate the use of subject complement.
By going through this blog, “subject complements use and examples” you could use it comfortably.

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