Struggle and spirituality

Spiritual enlightenment cannot be realized unless one dissolves his karmic account accumulated in the previous life. So, the dissolution of one’s karmic account, whether it is debit or credit, is prerequisite to inch towards the realization of relationship with almighty. As per the Marpa– the guide of Milarepa who is known as the great saint of Tibet, “struggle and hardship with faith” is  the only effective path which helps human to dissolve his karmas in the present life. In this blog, struggle and spirituality” I am going to reveal true reality…

What does karmic account means ?

Naturally, human is an creative animal addicted of dreams and desires. Hence, his ambitions and aspirations drag him voluntary or involuntarily in the cycle of good or bad deeds. Consequently, cycle of karmas begins. In this way, these cycle of karmas generates karmic account which drifts human from the Holy path. And, then, to settles these accounts, he has to be a part of birth cycle.

How struggle and hardship break the cycle of karmic accounts ?

As I discussed in the previous blog that Kriyaman karma is the karma by which a person can respond to the destined situation or Prarabdha karma. So, if you know that you are in the negative or positive Prarabdha, then, you can perform deeds accordingly to settles karmic accounts. After all, it is widely suggested that by practicing penance, austarity, and morality one can purify the conscience by burning impurities or evil thoughts.

What is spiritual realization and how it begins ?

Mind is a seed of desires embedded in the soul. And, deeds and karmas  become reality as soon as the seed start germinating with the help of congenial environment through five senses. In this way, the powerful energy of soul gets converted in the form of karmic account. Consequently, vicious cycle of birth and death begins. Therefore, to control the mind is the only option to break the vicious cycle.

We know that to control mind isn’t easy, but not impossible as well. Here, we cannot control mind by appeasing. Because, more we appease, stronger it may become. Hence, thoughtful suppression by rejecting it’s demands and desires through hardships, penance and meditation, one can begin to control the diverting agency — mind. Then, the thoughtless mind will not divert you. In this way, the process of connecting with almighty will gain momentum. By understanding this, one can claim that struggle and spirituality are inseparable…

Is there any easy alternative ?

We know that all great saints of the world sacrificed everything, adopted rigorous austerity, and penance to realize the bless of almighty. Undoubtedly, this is the only everlasting truth which demands true sacrifice without shortcut as we know that God loves truth, and selfless sacrifice. To be so, one needs to dissolve all worldly desires, evil deeds, thoughts, happily to realize the love and compassion of almighty forever.

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