Soil erosion

Soil erosion is a natural, as well as human induced complex process of wearing away of top layer of exposed soil due to host of reasons, including heavy rain, flood, strong wind, loss of vegetative cover, and faulty cultivating practices.

Potential causes for soil erosion

Geographically, certain degree of gradient of loose top layer of exposed soil, the intensity of prevailing weathering agents, coupled with higher degree of human interventions in the form of distorted land use pattern, determine the true nature of soil erosion in a particular region. Logically, these factors are predominant in the riverine catchment areas, flood plain and steppe regions. For clearity, equatorial, agriculturally dominant monsoonal regions of the world are potentially prone for such phenomenon.

How it works

Technically, loose and less cohesive clay particles of exposed vulnerable top layer of soil are easily removed by the dominant weathering agents like rain water, flood, or strong wind in the line of gradient. Ongoing over exploitation of land resources, loss of moisture, vegetative cover due to deforestation, and changing climate are some of the are potential enough to charge eroding mechanism.

Present scenario

Nowadays, as per the various estimates, we are losing almost half of our precious life supporting system due to soil erosion. Definitely, it is not good omen for the world when the loss of habit and demand for food production has already tested our coping capabilities.

So far, various floral and faunal species have lost theirs habitats. Thousands others are declared as critically endangered. On the other hand, teeming numbers are demanding more food for survival than ever. We have almost crossed the 8 billion mark. Apart from this, menace of climate change is limiting our options to overcome. In this situation, ground work becomes compulsion.


Such unwanted and undesirable loss of basic life supporting system is nothing less than a warning sign for the survival of living beings as it takes thousands of years to evolve. Only, disciplined time bound large scale conservative measures by all at the grassroot level should be initiated as quickly as possible to arrest the ongoing loss of free endowment of nature. Otherwise, erosion of sustainability will begin soon…

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