So…that and such…that correlative conjunctions

It is true that not all sentences in the english language are self-sufficient. Hence, in order to add extra information to the main clause, dependent or independent clauses are used accordingly. Likewise, So…that and such..that correlative conjunctions are used to introduce correlative clauses to join two elements of equal importance in the sentence. So, let’s see the ways to use correctly so…that and such…that correlative conjunctions…

Meaning and definition of so..that and such…that

In both correlative conjunctions, “so and such” are used as the intensifiers to introduce causes for later effects. On the other hand, “that” is used to express effect of the earlier causes. In this way, these correlative conjunctions mutually work as a pair bear desired meaning. That’s why we also call these conjunctions as the paired conjunctions.

“So + adjective + that + subject + predicate”

“Such + adjective + noun +that + subject + predicate”

When we compare between so…that and such…that correlative conjunctions for cause and effect, we may easily notice that such…that is more firm and determined compare to so….that. Simply, such…that emphasizes more compare to so…that.  Nevertheless, both play same role and functions of cause and effect relationship.

Correct use of  so…that

As I stated earlier that So… that correlative conjunction is used to describe cause and effect relationship.

On the other hand, as a conjunction of purpose, “so that” subordinating conjunction is used to introduce the reasons for doing something — conjunction of purpose.

But, as a correlative conjunction, “so…that” is used to express relationship between cause and effect. “So” is used as an intensifier for cause and “that” describes effect.

Some useful examples of so… that

“So… Adjective….That”

Here, “so” is used as an intensifiers for following effect expressed by “that”

•I am so tired that I cannot walk further.

•Underdeveloped countries are so poor that they cannot invest in green technology.

•She is so pious lady that everyone revers her politely.

•She is so pious lady that I ever saw that everyone revers her politely.

•The snake was so dreadful and poisonous that everyone preferred to stay away safely.

Examples of such…that

The structure of such…that is slightly different from so…that. So…that correlative conjunction is less emphatic compare to such…that.


•He was such a tired person that he totally gave up to walk further.

•Third World includes such  poor nations  that they cannot invest in green technology.

•She is such a pious lady that everyone revers her politely.

•It was such a  dreadful and poisonous snake that everyone preferred to stay away safely.

These are some useful examples to get better insight of both so…that and such…that correlative conjunctions…

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