Role and functions of demonstrative pronouns

Pronoun is a grammatical term used in place of noun in case of frequency of uses to avoid unnecessary repetition in the same sentence. Among various types, demonstrative pronouns are used to indicate or point out things that are near or far. Words such as, that, this, neither, etc. are used as demonstrative pronouns. This blog will help you to understand the role and functions of demonstrative pronouns in writing, as well as spoken expressions.

“Definition of demonstrative pronouns”

Demonstrative pronouns are certain words used to point out or indicate things that are near or far. “This and that” pronouns are used as singular purpose; whereas, these and those are preferred to refer plural things or nouns.

•This is my first attempt.

•That is a very beautiful hill.

•These are migratory birds.

•Those were very beautiful memories.

Apart from these, “such, neither, and none”, are also play the role of demonstrative pronouns. But, these are less common in use.

•Such is the eye-opener experience.

•Neither is better alternative.

•None is promising.

“Demonstrative adjectives”

Wherever words like, that, this, either, such etc. stand alone without any other words, then, they are considered as pronouns. But, whenever these words are followed by other nouns, they functions like demonstrative adjectives.

•This bike is so expensive to buy.

•That river is too big to cross.

•These people are very disciplined.

•Those days were really fantastic.

•Neither alternative is better option.

•Such half chances should not be wasted.

“Role and functions”

Pronoun “this and these” are used to refer things that are near; whereas, “that and those” pronouns are used to point out things that are far. But, “this and that” are singular pronouns, and, “these and those” are plural.

Besides,  demonstrative pronouns are also used to describe people near or far.

•This is my first attempt.(singular– near)

•That is a very beautiful hill.(singular–far)

•These are migratory birds.(plural–near)

•Those were very beautiful memories.(plural–far)

In case of demonstrative adjectives, earlier mentioned pattern is applicable.

” Some useful examples of demonstrative pronouns”

•That is a residual mountain.

•OK, don’t worry. I accept that.

•This is my favorite picnic spot.

•I won’t forget that.

•These are migratory birds.

•Those were very beautiful memories.

•Don’t lose that.

Most importantly, apart from pronouns, that, this, these, and those are also used as the adjectives and determiners in the noun phrase. This is all about the role and functions of demonstrative pronouns…

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