Resurgence of Sharad Pawar


We know that  the politics of Maharashtra has been continuously revolving around the Maratha strongman ever since the beginning of his political career. Even today, when the opponents were quite confident to pause the six decades old political journey, the great leader resurrected surprisingly in the Maharashtra assembly elections. Here, in this blog, “Resurgence of Sharad Pawar” I am going to explore the factors that are responsible for the resurrection of Sharad Pawar in the politics of Maharashtra.

Thumbing lok sabha victory for BJP and..

In the lok sabha elections, power in party BJP clinched clear-cut majority for second time. Like earlier results, in this time, Maharashtra state gave clean sweep for BJP ahead of Vidhansabha elections. This not only motivated the BJP leadership but also created a flood of defectants from opposition parties such as NCP and Congress.

Meanwhile, central, as well as state leadership of BJP vehemently targeted NCP chief for no reason, whereas, Pawar kept himself  busy in highlighting the genuine issues of drought-ridden farming community–though he failed to address when he was in power once.

Second, the grossly misuse of central agencies just before the assembly elections against Sharad pawar was the one of the major reasons which created a wave of sympathy in favour of deserted leader. In reality, it was none other than the Pawar who compelled Amit Shaha to misuse agencies. It displays the great presence of mind, emotional maturity, courage and mob manipulating abilities even in the worst time.

Moreover, six decades political experience proved instrumental in taming the tsunami of sentiments created by opponents to misguide people.

Kashmir Vs local issues

In the last lok sabha election, BJP demanded vote for development and corruption free administration. However, when they realized that the demonetisation,as well as GST failed to create positive changes in the life of common people, they gave air to the Kashmir issue on the name of terrorism with “Surgical Strike.”

Hence, in the lok sabha elections, they got what they planned, but failed to control the diminishing return at the local level. In the state level elections, they should have focused on the local issues but, unfortunately, they didn’t have. In this way, Sharad Pawar, in the absence of Congress, meticulously exposed the intended agenda of BJP.

Wave of sympathy

As per the BJP, the main opponent was NCP instead Congress. Therefore, they, right from the beginning, attacked the NCP chief by inviting his loyal “Sardars” with threat or lure. This is enough to damage the reputation of cadre based party at the right time.

Apart from this, personal attacks by junior politicians generated a wave of sympathy in favour of leader in crisis. Also, the real problems of farmers were remained unnoticed which helped to fuel the anti-incumbancy atmosphere.

Rhetorical appeal

Like others, rhetorical appeal and speeches are one of the most powerful instruments of Maratha strongman. His drenched viral videos, emotional confessions in front of Satara people, and adamant stand not to bow down in front of central government, are some of incidents and statements which are enough to conclude the Power’s rhetoric power.

Most importantly, Maratha community is highly emotionally sensitive and this is the reason why at the last time Pawar highjacked the entire show despite the opponents huge machinery and resources.

Real fact

Though NCP chief has proved his mettle to withstand in the adverse climate even at the age of 80, it is not enough to save the people of Maharashtra from the series of problems.

Actually, we must not forget that it is the Pawar family that ruled the Maharashtra state most of the time without considerable positive impact on people’s livelihood. It is undeniable truth that so called leader is more worried about the family interests instead to relieve the ailing masses from the clutches of crop failure, price crash, unemployment, and suicides.

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