Religious invasions in tribal regions

The symbiotic relationship between tribals and nature is well known. Nature itself is the source and guide for tribal institutions and way of life. Ongoing religious invasions in tribal regions are a matter of great concern.

So, introducing optional faith and belief means forcing tribals on the verge of vulnerability. Nowadays, you might have heard about the incidents of religious conversion in the tribal heartlands across the world.

What does religious conversion and invasions mean?

Religious conversion is a process by which a person adopts new religion by abandoning earlier. It may occur by force, temptation of money etc., or by choice.

But, in India, ongoing race for religious conversion of tribals by outsiders are termed as religious invasions in tribal regions to woo tribals.

Importance of tribal institutions and traditions

Isn’t it true that the tribal culture took thousands of years to evolve at this point? Theirs culture is learning laboratory to understand the present civilization for many. Instead to do this, there is a race to demolish natural diversity of faith is not a good omen.

We know that the belief system and faith is shaped by the forces of nature. Unlike to modern civilization, theirs occupation is within the carrying capacity of nature. If we think about the medicinal knowledge, it is beyond imagination. In simple words, tribals are inseparable part of nature.

Religious invasions dent on tribal culture in India

With the increased population and diminishing forests cover, a supplementary job alternative is essential. It is true that health, nutrition, and employment issues are arising in the tribal heartlands since last decades.

At the same time, ethnic conflicts and incidents of exploitation are in the rise. Tribal demonstration and agitations are capturing the headings of leading newspapers.

In such situation, we need to empower these sons of soil to find a better job alternatives within their own habitats without altering their way of life.

Penetration of missionaries and baba to convert tribal religions

It is the duty of state to address the fundamental problems of tribals such as health, education, and employment opportunities to ease the life of real son of soil.

Failure of state is the opportunity for outsiders and necessity of tribals to welcome missionaries in theirs habitat. Tribals are taking helps of missionaries out of compulsion not according to will. However, tribal are paying heavy cost in the form of conversion.

“It is undeniable truth that the welfare activities are thoughtfully engineered and directed to induce innocent tribal to embrace theirs religion.”

Though the inducement of people by offering money or thing is the violation of right to freedom, but it is too difficult to trace such incidents in the vast population when people are not willing to open mouth. So, nothing is exception for the penetration of outsiders in the tribal heartlands.

“Tribals are sandwiched very badly between two faiths in search of livelihood”


Tribal are on the verge of losing identity in search for livelihood. Tribal are too vulnerable to fall for any temptation. It is the state which is responsible to expose vulnerable tribals to the outsiders’ intention. Had it fulfilled its duty accordingly, the tribals would not have forced to lose both livelihood and identity. Earlier, they were fighting for livelihood, now, they to fight for existence. No doubt, it is the unwanted gift of socializing mission.

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