Relevancy of religion

This is the most common topic which has been widely debated and discussed by the class of modern scholars in the post renaissance era. But, the clarity that people want is yet to be realized. So far, we have mostly noticed the contradicting views on the relevancy of  religion. Many of us cannot explain the exact role of religion in this advancing civilization. In this post, “Relevancy of  religion” I am going to present my personal views on this sensitive issue.

Meaning of religion

Simply, religion is a set of beliefs system about our existence and the reality of the world. Further, we believe that somebody is there to protect the truth and punish evils. That’s why we used to worship that supernatural entity to ward off our bad fortune.

Here, we behave in this way only when we think that our logical power is inadequate to answer confronting question. In short, the relevancey or importance of religion is closely associated with the anxiety of our mind.

Hence, to relieve the anxiety of mind in case of unbearable pain or suffering, we appeals God through the structured way of beliefs that we call worship. In conclusion, people appeal God as a last resort.

Spiritual point of view

Religion is the only means to speculate about the afterlife though there is no credible source to prove this belief.

Also, people behave in a ethical manners largely due to the fear of that supernatural entity. Otherwise, the escaping roots would have become too busy.

After all we must not be so worried about the superstitions as people think about the religious beliefs as a last resort. It means that when science fails to answer, religion speaks.

Just we cannot criticise religion on the ground of lack of evidences. But what about the peace of mind. Here, I’m not advocating the religious beliefs but the last hope.

Sociologists perspectives

You know that there is no dearth of views and resources about this topic. As per the functionalist point of view, religion is an instrument to ensure social conformity and cohesion.

Obviously, the importance and relevancy of religion, even in  the age of technological explosion, is unavoidable to ensure the social order and solidarity among the various communities.

On the other hand, some claim that this is the thoughtful mechanism of exploitation and violence. This is the never-ending debate and I would like to left it on the specialist scholars.

Reason and religion

As I mentioned earlier that people value religion whenever they think that theirs mind is unable to deal with challenges.

Also, it is wrong to follow everything proposed by religion without employing reasoning. If you have an answer in science about a problem, then it is totally wrong to assume that the supernatural entity will solve everything.

At last

In this way, both are complementary to each other–One ends, second begins. Being too rationale or religious is the potential invitation for excessive like and dislike. It is the attitude of people to blame; instead religion and science.

Even in the age of technological explosion, there are several questions yet to be answered by our scientific community. In the same way, religious beliefs cannot replace the role of science. So, it is better to respect each others ambit for collective good.

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