Relations between India and Pakistan


We know that the bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan has been eclipsed by the Kashmir issue since the partition of India. So far, on this issue, both Asian neighbours have fought more than three wars in the last seven decades. Ongoing acrimonious relationship is  definitely, a cause of concern for the south Asian nations. Now, the atmosphere beyond borders is being deliberately contaminated with hatred feeling. lt looks like that actors involved in this relationship will not let the tension ebb down. In this blog,  “Relations between India and Pakistan” I’m going to explore the optimism for both estranged neighbours.

Geopolitical importance of India and Pakistan

The most uneasy era in the relationship was the period of Cold War which witnessed three wars between these two neighbours. We cannot ignore the the contribution of two superpowers in fueling the conflict to ensure promised geopolitical advantage.

It is the geopolitical hot-spot due to its proximity with West and East Asia. With this, South Asia proved the safe secure dumping ground for theirs surplus weapons. Clearly, better relations would have proved death blow for the ambitions of global leaders.

Kashmir issue a speed breaker in negotiation between India and Pakistan

 It is not illogical to say that Kashmir issue has been  perpetuated and convincingly enriched to cover up shirtcomings of some people. Now, it is not an issue but a promising means to capture power.

If had they seriously and honestly negotiated the Kashmir issue before escalation, it would solved without any costs or casualties. Even after burning a lot of resources, its condition is more worse than earlier.

Lack of political will power is clearly visible.They do not want to think beyond Kashmir issue, nor are interested in negotiation but to make it a means to advance interests by misguiding people.

Terrorism– a crudest manifestation of cruelty

 No means of violence will bear peaceful fruits.Terrorism is the hight of insensitivity. With this suicidal invention, no one can achieve anything but never-ending vicious cycle of violence.

Ongoing incidents of violence by notoriously famous terrorists organisations, are posing a serious threat for peace and security.You cannot divert scarce resources for proliferating terrorists activities. Instead, it should be used to eradicate poverty and ignorance. Attempts should be made to facilitate trade instead terrorism.

Nominal trade between two neighbours

Export of terrorism and hatredness should be replaced by the export of goods and services. Minimum bilateral trade between two neighbours  is the big hurdle for people to people contact.

Trade is negligible even though there is a greater comparative advantage. It is something around 2 billion dollars.Trade has potential to improve the economic condition of a country in crisis. Positive intent should be there to facilitate wealth boosting activities.

People to people conacts

Nothing is as effective as the people to people contact in eliminating earlier wrong misconceptions. Let the people to know the attitude of each other and then tension will wear down without negotiations.

People are the most powerful determinant of foreign policy. After all, soft power has greater influencing power than hard. If you are not letting people to communicate with each other, then the chances of normalcy would be a distant reality.


It is true that bilateral relations between India and Pakistan are shaped and powered by various actors whether they are state or non-state.

So far, little attempts have been made since partition to improve the aggrieved  relations. Instead, no stone left unturned to worsen it further.

There is a lot more to exchange between two natural neighbours in place of hatredness and violence.

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