Reality of God

The entire human world, even in the age of explosion of technology, is so curious about to know the exact reality of God or divine power. Someone declares God as a mere mental creation by human being to relieve the anxiety, fear,  or others as a ultimate reality or truth. This debate, or dichotomy has been a part of our lives ever since the beginning of human civilization. Through this blog, I am going to reveal the reality of God of my experience.

What is God  ?

This is one of the  most pronounced questions  in our day to day life. Nevertheless, a concrete, consensus definition is still evading our cognitive abilities.

God is the purest, infinite, omnipotent, formless, compassionate, supernatural entity. It is the ocean of love, truth,  and kindness.

It always stand by innocent, and just creatures. It never bias, favour, or discriminate. It cannot be lured by offering, nor get upset by criticism. It is just hungry for love, devotion, and truth.

Does God demand anything  ?

God isn’t desire driven emotional supernatural entity. Had it been so, then God would have been subjective, luxury loving creature like human. Actually, God is a fond of devotion not him but for the sake of human itself.

In short, God is the infinite ocean of love and compassion, but in order to realize it, one needs to give up ego, hatredness, avenge, etc. Then only, one can freely deep into the infinite eternal happiness.

Is pilgrimage essential ??

When the Lord is omnipresent and fond of devotion, then there is no substance in offering any objects by traveling thousands of miles. Institutionalizing pilgrimage means nothing but to reap lot of money on the name of liberate someone from the burden of bad karmas. In reality, there is no alternative to liberate anyone from the burden of bad deeds. The only way is to repay it in the same form and intensity.

So, it is better to control one’s self at the time of action, instead to burn a lot of resources along mental anxiety.

Is God a detherrance against bad intent ?

Here, the answer is quite ambiguous. First of all, God cannot warn or threat anyone. If anyone scares by God when he or she intend to do anything bad, then, that person is ignorant of soul power that resides within him. Those who are aware about the power of “Atma” do not get scared by God but offers everything for the ultimate reality by love, and not by fear.

What is devotion  ??

Devotion means being kind and compassionate by heart to the creation of God which includes each and every  living creatures. This is the secret why every saints preached love and compassion as a means of pure devotion for the purest supernatural, transcendental entity…

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