Questionable role of Governors


The role of governor in the ongoing impass in the politics of Maharashtra has been widely debated and criticized by both constitutional experts and political parties of the state. Even Sena filed a petition in the Apex court in order to demand more time to form government. In this blog, “Questionable role of governors” in India, I am going to explore the points of doubt, hovering over the role of governor in the process of government formation.

Wait and watch after the election results

Election results were declared by election comission on the 24th October, and since then honorable governor are in the position of wait and watch instead to explore the various possibilities of government formation in the state as early as possible for the people in crisis.

The governor were aware about the results and the numbers of the leading parties and coalitions. Instead to wait for claim by parties, he should have invited the single largest party or coalition to form the government.

By waiting for two weeks, governor, as if, provided ample scope for Sena-Bjp to reach at the possible agreement. Is it constitutional duty of governor to think in favour of any political party ? Why did he become active when the Sena-bjp fail to reach at common consensus ?

Hasty decisions with strict ultimatum

When the duration of Maharashtra  assembly was over, the honourable governor suddenly woke up to begin the process of inviting parties to form government. Nevertheless, he invited parties with strict ultimatum to ensure no one could try to form government. With 24 hours ultimatum for Sena, he with his discretionary power meticulously discouraged the endeavour of aspiring party.

After the inability of Sena, he did same with uninterested NCP as a customary procedure to show impartiality. One question remains unanswered that when the Sena was firm on the formation of government, then why did he denied reasonable time for party ? When he was aware about the fact that NCP was not interested in forming government, then why he invited NCP instead to give more time for Sena ?

Finally, he jumped on the conclusion that there is no possibility of government formation in the state and this is the best time to use last resort option –president rule. Is it hesitation of governor in not offering required reasonable time or is there anybody to influence the decisions of governor ?

The constitutional post of governor has been created to ease the business and serve for people. However, since 1960s onwards, the misuse of governor’s post is common business in India. Many a times, by both parties the post has been widely misused either to weaken the opposition governments or  to favour party in power at the centre.

Despite the recommendation of various commissions, the successive governments failed to improve the impartiality of this post. Instead, these governments sophesticately explored the loopholes to manipulate the constitutional post to serve narrow interests.

Now, the people of India are habitual to see the game of manipulation through the constitutional post to achieve power to weaken the balance of division of power. This is the reason why the political parties in India are constantly doubtful over role of governors whenever the governors come into action. The ongoing incidents in the Maharashtra politics is the culmination of politics without ethics.

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