Provided that and on condition that

‘Provided that’ and ‘on condition that’ are subordinating conjunctions of conditions. They are usually, used to express a condition in which one thing happens only when the other is completed. Even though both look similar, but they have some difference. Apart from these, there are other conjunctions of condition that we use to express similar situation but not exact same.

Rules of use

These are used for future sense but in simple present form.

•Future tense auxiliary isn’t used to form conditional sentences using both conjunctions.

• Generally, both are placed in middle of the sentence. And, comma is omitted.

•Provided that is mostly preferred to express more than one conditional idea, whereas, on condition that is used to express single condition.

•Compare to “If” conditional conjunction, both are used for more emphasis.

•In the sentence of “If” conjunction, intensity remains less compare to given conjunctions.

•”As long as and so long as” are different in sense compare other conditional conjunctions.

•”As long as and so long as” are preferred to use for condition but with intended duration. Both I have already explained in the earlier blogs.


Let’s see some useful examples. These examples will help you a lot to understand correct use of both conjunctions.

•He can reduce his weight provided that he starts running and optimize diet.

•My friend could start a business provided that bank sanctions loan.

•Our team won’t lose the game provided that we work hard and implement all plans accordingly.

•Pollution could be minimized on condition that developed nations work in unison with developing.

•People  will get adequate water provided that they start water harvesting and use less  for daily activities.

•Students  will go outside provided that it stops raining.

•We will join campaign on condition that school grants permission.

•He would recover on condition that he avoids his habits.

•They can master sociology provided that they take interest and follow instructions of teacher.

•Our nation could be a developed provided that we expand our industrial base and allow foreign direct investment.

•You could be a better orator on condition that you come out of anxiety.

•She can’t be failed provided that she studies consistently.

•These conjunctions are applicable in both conditions, negative or positive. Use them only when there is a need for emphasize in condition.

•It is also clear that these conjunctions are different in sense compare to other conditional conjunctions.

•Swimming is a better exercise on condition that you make it a daily habit.

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