Power politics of Sharad Pawar

Ongoing political impass in the politics of Maharashtra and the declaration of president rule, despite clear–cut majority for Sena–Bjp coalition, is the latest example of Sharad pawar’s power play that kept everyone guessing. Since the final announcement of the assembly results, he not only maintained his stand to sit in the opposition as the mandate of people, but also he shrewdly ensured that nobody will form government without his blessings. Really, his bargaining tactics and equation changing abilities deserve appreciation, but what about the people who are voted for stable government and now eagerly waiting for government assistance in crisis. In this blog, “power politics of Sharad Pawar” I am going to highlight the key points to show the effective role of Sharad Pawar in changing power balance in Maharashtra politics.

Five decades in power..

It is too difficult to imagine the struggle of Sharad Pawar without power. I would like to recall the 2014 assemble elections results, when NCP chief unconditionally declared his support for BJP in order to keep Sena in the backfoot in terms of power bargaining with BJP. At that time, Sena had no option but satisfy on whatever its coalition partner offered.

In 2014 assembly elections, BJP was on the verge of majority and Sharad Pawar knew that by offering unconditional support, he may receive preferential treatment from power in party.

By doing so, he not only forced Sena to lose more, but also created a sense of disagreements between two traditional partners. Obviously, current impass is nothing but the direct reaction of Sena for BJP for injust treatment.

Why Pawar in favour of Sena than Bjp ?

People of Maharashtra, in the tsunami of BJP, backed Sharad Pawar with more than 50 seats when his almost all leaders deserted him. For clearity, people’s support for Pawar is the outcome of Bjp’s aggressive politics against NCP chief.

Hence, at least this time, Pawar will not dare to go with Bjp even though they offer more than Sena. If he does so, then it would be a peaceful demise of politics of NCP in Maharashtra. No doubt that NCP stalwart is well aware about this fact and that’s why he is influencing more Sena than Bjp for more share.

Presently, Sena chief Thakre’s extreme stand against the traditional coalition partner BJP is the manifestation of sena-NCP coalition possibility to keep leading party out of power.

Then, what causes the delay for government formation ?

Definitely, more the delay, better the stand of NCP because, first -voters of Maharashtra voted for Sena-Bjp for next 5years. But, unfortunately they failed to form government due to the hot post of CM. Hence, there is resentment and anger in the public against Sena-Bjp due to the present impass.

Second, Sena has been continuously targeting Bjp for not keeping its committed promises before elections, and that’s why, as per Sena, BJP is totally responsible for the ongoing impass.

Third, people of Maharashtra are in the deep trouble due to the cyclones and subsequent loss of crops. They are eagerly waiting for government assistance but there is no sign of government due to share of power. It means that the Sena-Bjp have to bear the burden of people’s dissatisfaction.

Fourth, Pawar’s constant visit to the cyclone hit regions is the better tactics to influence people in favour of Ncp-Congress and anti-bjp. Apart from this, he is building extra pressure over the Sena and BJP to give more power to NCP. Indirectly, Power by visiting cyclone hit regions, increasing his bargaining power instead to help people in crisis.

Fifth, he wants Congress should participate in the government so that government will survive for 5 years if constituted with Sena. Or, he will not miss the opportunity to grab more power from BJP as the last resort to provide driving seat for her daughter.

Lastly, in case of mid-term elections, he is cultivating ground by showing sympathy for people in crisis. Furthermore, his obvious target is his old friends deserted him earlier to election.


In this manner, the old guard is doing his best to regain lost control of the Maharashtra to be relevant in the in the national politics though at any cost. Had he employed such mind in the interest of people in his five decades political career, he would have been worshipped by the people of Maharashtra for many centuries.

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