Politics of coronavirus pandemic

It is very unfortunate to be a witness of a blame game over the ongoing pandemic when the entire world is finding all the ways and means to contain the tsunami of covid-19. The ongoing politics of coronavirus pandemic is not going to die down easily. Instead, it will be used as a potential tool to tarnish image. In this blog, “Politics of coronavirus pandemic” I am going to address the key questions arising out of the ongoing tussle.

Questions raised by US and European countries Over the Chinese role

As per the media reports, US and some of the European countries are vehemently accusing as well as criticizing the government of China for hiding sensitive information about the covid-19 in the initial phase.
According to them, had Chinese authority revealed the details of coronavirus to the global community on time, the impact of coronavirus pandemic would have been much lesser than the world is facing today.
As per the allegations of US, China did so to ensure the enough storage of medicine instruments to treat the coronavirus pandemic.

Second, there are serious doubts that coronavirus is accidentally leaked out of virology lab of Wuhan, China. It means that Chinese scientists are involved in the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. But, there are no credible evidence to support this hypothetical claims of opponents.

Third, some health experts raise questions over the numbers of official coronavirus cases and deaths occurred in China given the population of country.

Forth, Chinese authority is being criticized for letting foreign national out of China, but imposed strict ban on their own nationals on movement in their own country. It means that the Chinese authority was aware about the degree and intensity of infections.

Fifth, China’s appeasement policy by providing medical instruments and monetary assistance to needy poor countries also raises some eyebrows over the handling of this coronavirus pandemic.

Impartial judgement on coronavirus pandemic

It is true that being the responsible economic power of the world, China cannot escape the responsibility of making aware about the biggest health threat to humanity, that took place in their own country.
Definitely, Chinese authority should have provided essential information to the global community as early as possible. But, unfortunately, opposite became reality and millions of people were exposed to deadly pandemic. If they had informed earliest, the tentacles of pandemic could have contained within certain territory of China.

Possibility of biological weapons looks hypothetical

Second, it is too difficult to believe that the coronavirus is accidentally leaked out of virology lab of Wuhan. If yes, then the new era of biological weapons will hunt our mind many decades. As far as my personal opinion is concerned, it is shrewdly hatched hypothetical story to thwart the growing global presence and dominance of newly arising economic power.
To substantiate this, let’s recall the period of trade war and consequent events. We know that in order to contain the global presence of China, US deliberately pressured China on the name of piracy of technology of US MNCs. And, finally, a deal has been finalized in favour of US to end the tussle of interest.

Third, in terms of official numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths, one cannot easily trust the Chinese authority, considering past incidents. So, China may have lost many thousands of people compare to what we knew. At the same time, Chinese policy to let the foreign national out of China was totally irresponsible. It was the move that helped to spread the pandemic in the world more easily within a short period of time.

Finally, the Chinese appeasement policy is well-known money diplomacy to ensure the global presence with the help of money as a soft power. So, hurriedly we cannot make conclusion that Chinese authority is hiding something by providing assistance to needy, poor countries.

At last,

After the detailed analysis of the ongoing politics of coronavirus pandemic, we can conclude that ongoing unprecedented health threat is the product of negligence, narrow national interests, and misinformation. In this crisis, Chinese authority failed to make aware to the global community about the coronavirus outbreak they were facing. Secondly, US President Trump frequently downplayed the seriousness of the covid-19 which later created havoc in the American society. And, third, the tsunami of misinformation about the disease, somehow failed to contain the pace of infections in the earlier stage.

Eventually, all these factors contributed to promote coronavirus as a pandemic at the global stage. Now, the time is to fight against the common enemy bypassing the difference and mudslinging. Otherwise, politics of coronavirus will only aggravate the ongoing health catastrophe.

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