Nature features and characteristics

Nature, features, and characteristics are those terms commonly used to refer the qualities, specialities, and identities about any thing we study.

•The systematic understanding about any thing in question is really important to know its actual worth….

•Hence, to make this endeavour more easy and meaningful, we have a set of tools to explore the hidden details in the orderly manner.

So, let’s explore the correct meaning of nature features and characteristics with examples.

•Explanation of features with examples

First of all, let’s begin with the meaning of features.

•In the simple words, features are nothing but the totality of important part of a product, animal, or anything.

•It includes total important identical signs and qualities.

For example– If we are describing about a big cat or tiger, then its major features would be:-

•Tiger has sharp teeth, powerful claws, colourful strips, brilliant eyesight.

All the above qualities help us to get better insight about the tiger compare to other animals.

•Characteristics–meaning simplified

•Generally, features are common signs or identities of a thing.

•But, characteristics are certain special qualities of a thing or animal which make that animal or thing different from others.

•Simply, we call unique qualities which only belong to that animal or thing.

To make it more clear, let’s elaborate earlier example of tiger.

•Unlike many other animals, tiger is a solitary animal.

•It is the most powerful top carnivorous among all species.

•Besides, its razor sharp teeth and knife like claws are the most important characteristic features.

Simply, the most important features are called –characteristics.

•Nature — clarification

Apart from both, nature is the natural qualities or abilities of thing or animal.

•In respect to tiger, it is a region specific top carnivorous animal.

•It means that to survive, tiger needs specific type of climate and pray base, otherwise, it cannot sustain or survive.

As an example— tigers are region specific, solitary, and rare endangered species in the world.

•They are also heat sensitive, night hunters in the big cat family.

Frankly speaking, these words are highly confusing to grasp. Sometimes, theirs overlapping nature make things more difficult.

So, regular practice with different examples is the only way to master it for effective application. Hope, my attempt will help you to bring more clarity…

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