Misuse of Gandhian ideals in India

A man who was the cause of peace and humanity; worked for violence free just society; served for deprived, subjugated and destitute to liberate them from the chronic misery; and inspired millions worldwide with his simplicity, humbleness, and principled behaviour, was none other than Mahatma Gandhi, the man of civilization builder with his rigorously practiced noble values and everlasting ideals. Let’s see responsible actors for misuse of Gandhian ideals in India.

Misuse of Gandhian ideals after independence

Unfortunately, nowadays, Gandhian ideals are being wrongly propagated by some opportunistic elements to advocate theirs narrow political interests. That’s why we need to reinvent Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals once again to realize just society which he tirelessly fought for.

Politics of Mahatma Gandhi

The politics of India has been continuously revolving around the clout of Gandhi ever since the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa in 1915.

Let it be Indian national congress, RSS, or Ambedkari organizations, they have their own weapons to criticize or appreciate the personality of Gandhi as per theirs convenient.  Here, you will read three inventions of Gandhi by the Indian stakeholders —

  1. Politicization by INC
  2. Saffronization by BJP
  3. Demonization by Ambedkari followers.

1. Politicization by Indian Congress

We know that ever since the ascend of Nehru as a Prime Minister of India, the Congress party became the sole guardian of the clout of Gandhi. Since then, the Gandhi name has always been become the safety valve against the opponents, as well as own failures.

Whenever INC feels that they are going to lose power, or need to regain power, they suddenly become the staunch advocators of Gandhian ideals either to criticize opponents as communal forces or to beg vote as being servant of poor, deprived, and minorities. So far, they are fond of to chant two mantras — Secularism and Garibi. Simply, congress party is pioneer in meteculously designing the tactics of politicizing Gandhian ideals for power in the last seven decades and this endeavour is still continue.

2. Saffronization by RSS

In India, right wing parties or RSS patronizing organizations have a lot of confusion over the Gandhian ideals. So, I think they have decided to act as per the situation favouring criticism or appreciation. It depends on the mood of people of India. On the eve of general election in 2014, when the congress was at the centre stage of criticism over rampant corruption and nepotism, hard-line right wing organizations suddenly declared that Nathuram Godse who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, was a great patriot.

Contrarily, these organizations claim that the many RSS patrons were associates of Gandhi and deeply influenced by Gandhian ideals whenever the role and policies of these organizations attract negative public attention. In this way, like congress, RSS and other right wing organizations always use Gandhian ideals as a safety valve against the opponents to advocate narrow political interests.

3. Demonization of Mahatma Gandhi by Ambedkari followers

Unlike Congress and RSS, Ambedkari organizations, scholars, and followers have other opinions about the Gandhian ideals. Actually, these people hold Gandhi, as a person, responsible for the hardship of Ambedkar in the course of freedom struggle. They claim that it was the Gandhi who didn’t permit Ambedkar to do much for the welfare of backward communities, and took credit of being saviour. Even they criticize Gandhi as a person for his controversial private life, such as” experiments of bramhacharya”. However, till today, not much political benefit is garnered on the basis of such Gandhi-Ambedkar rivalry by these advocators.


Overall, the entire political fraternity, including left, right, and revolutionaries either holds him responsible for unfavourable, or credit as a saviour in case of credit crisis. But, in reality, the true ideals of Gandhi is still not realized by the people who call him as their father of nation.

Undoubtedly, it is the global community, including Einstein, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and many more, who hails Gandhian ideals as a strong inspiration for theirs successful journey.

Unfortunately, grossly misuse of Gandhian ideals in India by opportunistic power greedy elements isn’t a good omen for politics and people for entire Indian subcontinent.

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