Meaning and examples of non-finite clause

Basically, in english grammar, there are two types of clauses. One is finite which is limited by tense and have separate subject. On the other hand, other is Non-finite clause which is neither limited by tense nor have separate subject but subject of the main clause. For details, let’s explore meaning and examples of non-finite clause.

Rules of use for Non-finite clause

  1. Non-finite clause is also a subordinating clause.
  2. It is introduced by either infinitive or participle
  3. Non-finite clause isn’t limited by tense
  4. It doesn’t have separate subject but subject of main clause.
  5. There are three forms of Non-finite clauses

Types of Non-finite clauses

  1. Non-finite clause with subordinating conjunctions.
  2. Relative Non-finite clauses.
  3. Non-finite clause with participle (ing & ed), and + to infinitive.

1. Non-finite clause with subordinating conjunctions

Non-finite clauses are introduced after some of the subordinating conjunctions such as while, although etc.

Examples of Non-finite clauses with subordinating conjunctions.

  • Harry surprised while receiving negative feedback from his friend.
  • The new training schedule, if adopted by coach, might cause inconvinence for many players.
  • The truck crashed while offloading construction materials.

2.Non-finite clause with  participle, and + to infinitive.

In this type, Non-finite clause is placed immediately after verbs with the subject of main clause.

Examples of Non-finite clauses with participles and infinitives

  • They can’t eat standing beside the road.
  • She hates to dance in the gathering.
  • He never likes to get up early everyday.
  • Frustrated by the teachers attitude, John left the classroom early.

3. Relative Non-finite clause

It is also called defining Non-finite clause.
It is used to describe person or thing in the more detailed manner. In the relative Non-finite clause, subject for both Non-finite and main clause remains the same.

Examples of relative Non-finite clauses

  • The player having yellow T-shirt is former champion.
  • The guide helping tourists suddenly resigned from job.
  • The landform having lofty look is block mountain.

These are some examples of three types of Non-finite clauses. Hopefully, now, you can easily answer the earlier question “Meaning and examples of Non-finite clause ?”

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