Meaning and examples of adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency answer the question ‘How often’ the action is being performed. Like other adverbs, they cannot modify other adverbs but verbs and adjectives in the sentence. Here, you can read about meaning and examples of adverbs of frequency.

Meaning and types of adverbs of frequency

There are two types of adverb of frequency.

1. The definite frequency adverbs
2. Indefinite frequency adverbs.

Definite frequency adverbs emphasize on the exact or definite range of time in which something happens.
But, Indefinite frequency adverbs do not describe the specific time.

1. Examples of adverbs of frequency

Rarely, Never, Occasionally
Aways, Annually, Monthly, Weekly,
Daily, Hourly,
Usually, Frequently, Often,
Normally, Generally, etc.

2. Examples of adverb of frequency in sentences

World Bank always helps needy nations.
Monsoon usually bring heavy rain in the Indian subcontinent.
My father never accepted my request.
He often makes mistakes while playing.
I frequently visited national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
Surplus rain rarely occurs in the monsoonal regions.
These are some useful examples showing the correct use of such adverbs of frequency.

3. Position of Adverbs of frequency in sentence

These adverbs are often used before the main verbs in the sentence.
But, sometimes, they are also placed at the beginning separated by comma to qualify the sentence.
Or, they may be placed at the end as adverbial phrase.

In all the above examples, adverbs are used before the main verbs.

Here are some other examples showing adverbs at the beginning and at the end of the sentence.

  • Occasionally, I swim in the river.
  • Every year, we remember our father on the eve of his birth anniversary.
  • She visits historical monuments frequently.
  • They used to come here once in a year.

Definite frequency

It is called when it indicates the exact time for when something happens. These are specific in nature.

Examples of definite frequency of adverbs

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly,
Once in a year, Once in a month, Annually, etc.
All are used for exact range of frequency in the sentence.
Every year, we remember our father on the eve of his birth anniversary.
She walks five miles daily.
He takes ten tests monthly.

Indefinite frequency

Indefinite frequency adverbs do not describe exactly how often something happens. These are used for indefinite range of time.

Examples of indefinite frequency of adverbs

Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Sometimes,
Often, Normally, Usually,
Always, etc.

  • World Bank always helps needy nations.
  • He often makes mistakes while playing.
  • She visits historical monuments frequently

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