Is Unipolar world changing?

With the fall of the “Berlin wall” in 1989, World consequently transformed as uni-polar with supremacy by prevailing circumstancial elements. Thereafter, over three decades, US remained at the helm as sole power center. But, is ongoing rise of China a challenge for the Unipolar world and US supremacy? Is Unipolar World changing really?

What is Unipolar world?

Certainly, world is always driven by certain power centers. And, they can be sole nation or group of influential nations. Truly, Cold War era and afterwards rise of US is the best epitome of power centers.
In layman’s understanding, Unipolar world means the power balance of world is driven or determined by single nation. Here, only single nation determines the power pattern of world. It holds maximum power to affect wide ranging activities in the world.

Is the Unipolar world changing really?

Until the mortgage crisis, US was the undisputed global leader. However, Ongoing Trump’s aggressive policies against China, Iran, and others are signalling otherwise. Further, America first policy, trade war with China, and anti-immigration policies are the clear-cut manifestation of declining US influence.

Factors changing unipolar world

In the recent decades, following factors have been proving game changer in the challenging unipolar world. Let’s see one by one.

Loss of USA supremacy in the post mortgage crisis

Definitely, economic recession created by unwanted mortgage crisis, was the real death blow for the US economic might.
Evidently, Housing bubble, mortgage crisis, and consequent stock market crash plunged US economy in the recession. And, thereafter, slowing economy precipitated unemployment, trade deficit, and reduction in the market share impacted US bargaining power considerably.

Rise of China questioned position of unipolar world

Meantime, China maintained double digit growth over three decades after policy changes. Obviously, credit goes to so called export driven growth strategies but not all. Surplus generated was meticulously used to uplift poverty-stricken population, build infrastructure, and spread global presence and influence. Today, China is also called world factory with more than half of global manufacturing.

Impact of ongoing  Trade war on US supremacy

Economically, needless to say that Impacts of trade war are boundless. It is not important whether China will survive in the trade war or not, but US is going to loose more than its rivals. Presently, as per the statistics, the US economy is slowing down, and loosing appetite to employ more.
By pursuing self-inflicting policies, it wouldn’t accelerate the broken down vehicle. Trumps threatful persuasion or appeal to MNCs to come back in US to establish business is the pure manifestation of mere frustration.
Instead, he should have cultivated better atmosphere to help low cost production. Now, he is loosing both trust of consumers and employment generating capability due to factor disadvantage. Moreover, at the global level, the credibility of USA as the superpower is at stake.

US hard power against North Korea and Iran

Surely, American sanctions policy isn’t going down well for Kim Jung Un and Hassan Rouhani. Kim Jung Un ruled out any possibility of negotiations with US unless Trump gives some economic relief for North Korea. In the same line, Iranian president Rouhani challenged that Iran would brake the sanctions, imposed by Americans.
Here, US is more emphasizing over hard power instead soft. Solutions can be possible through negotiations. After Iraq and Afghanistan, US is not in possession to go for military operation. It will definitely back fire on US, if they go for army operation. Economic sanctions will not enough to bow them down as long as China is with them.

China’s Dollar diplomacy and smart power signals non-polar world

Surprisingly, aggressive dragon is now in a new political look with smart persuasive intent. Whether it is pumping of dollars into the resources rich but capital scarce regions or growing role in the tackling global issues calmly, is a sign of rising power amidst power uncertainty in the world.

Coronavirous pandemic blow for unipolar world

Apart from these, coronavirous pandemic further weakened the position of US as the global leader. As the US is the biggest victim of coronavirous pandemic compare to China. Overall, we could conclude that henceforth, we are going to witness newer power equation in the global politics. Undoubtedly, we have answer for, “Is Unipolar world changing?

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