Importance of democracy

As we know that democracy in the present world is not only a system of rule or form of political regime but also a total  way of life. Since the end of Cold War, democratic principles have been penetrating in the each and every part  of the human life, ranging from family to business field. No doubt, the process of democratization is spreading like wildfire. So, considering its growing importance of democracy, today we have a great opportunity to understand the nature of this system to make it more resilient.

Let’s see why democracy is termed as the way of life in the advancing civilization.

•Supremacy of constitution

Today, there is no form of democracy is purely delineated. According to need and situation, various nations intermixed many features of different forms. Generally, in all the democratic nations, the position of constitution is supreme. It is, undoubtedly, an effective legitimate checks and balances over the ambitious elected representatives. This could only be achieved through the separation of powers among, executive, legislature, and judiciary institutions for healthy functioning.

The supremacy of constitution means, the decisions taken by representatives should not be inconsistent to the constitution. Otherwise, the interests of minorities might be compromised. Moreover, the chances of corruption and nepotism can not be ruled out in the absence of such measure. Nowadays, most of the notable democracies have theirs own supreme constitution.

•Free and fair elections

Elections are the powerful checks on the leaders misusing power. Hence, the means of election is utmost important.

It is a purifying process through which corrupt is punished; whereas, honest deserves reward. This is the reason why people emphasis on the free and fair elections to elect next government.

Here, free and fair means anyone who has a right to vote can exercise his right. For this, it is the duty of election comission to make such accessible arrangement so that all legitimate voters could caste their’s vote.

Second, fair means free from bias and discrimination. All citizens, irrespective of gender, class, caste, religion, and region do exercise their’s right. Unquestionably, elections are the lifeline of democratic system.

•All and equal participation of citizens

Obviously, the fate of democracy depends on the people’s active participation in the all form of processes. Mere voting doesn’t mean that people are actively participating. They have to stand in elections to lead like minded citizens.

Besides, it is theirs duty to demand for consistent laws, development, and so on to make the carnival of democracy more relevant and successful. It is the system designed for people and the will of people is the ultimate reality. Then, without active participation, the system will become the puppet in the hands of traditional oligarch.

•Human and Fundamental Rights

Human and fundamental rights are highly instrumental to express people’s grivences or will in a democratic manner. After elections, this is the only means through which they can convey their’s demands and feeling about decision taken by government.

In addition, no one could confiscate citizens property, restrict freedom, and deprive life without due process of law. Thus, the role of human and fundamental rights is highly important to safeguard the interests of citizens in case of misuse of power.

•Rule of law

If we are treating all citizens the ultimate source of power; then, they cannot be ruled by the different laws. For this, the law of constitution is supreme and all are equal before that law. No other law could violate it.

Second, no one is above the law. In other words, everyone is treated equally and no one is above the law. In addition, no other law is applicable except the law of constitution. This is the best means to enforce the will of people.

On the basis of these characteristics, we can judge the quality of most common form of political regime, and this is the reason why democracy is so important in the  world. These are not only the characteristics of democracy but they are most required things for the holistic development of human beings.

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