Impacts of climate change

Being the most effective determinant, climate has profound impacts on the entire natural processes in our environment. So, even the slightest change may not be tolerated by the millions of species of plants and animals in any part of the planet.The recent ongoing change in the global climatic system and the following trail of destruction is largely attributed to the global warming effect caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases in the post industrial revolution. The impacts of climate change are clearly visible in the form of ongoing fury of nature. In this post, “Impacts of climate change” I am going to explain how carbon emission is responsible for the temperature rise and consequent natural disasters across the world.

Major sources of Carbon emissions…

The combustion of fossil fuels in the power generation and transportation contribute around 90 percent of the total carbon emissions. In addition, inappropriate land use practices and policies along certain industrial processes are minor sources.

Nowadays, in the world, the share of thermal power is around 60 percent, whereas the share of nuclear power is mere 10 percent according to the International Energy Agency. Further, the share of renewable energy is not more than the one-fourth of the total energy production.

In terms of transportation, there is no viable alternative to replace the huge consumption of petrol and diesel. These both are the inevitable factors to speed up economic growth. Hence, the chances of reduction in consumption is unlikely unless we develop the workable alternative as a substitute.

Explaining greenhouse effect…

Among all the atmospheric gases, carbon dioxide has a special characteristic in terms of solar electromagnetic waves. For short waves, carbon dioxide acts as a window but for long waves, it becomes opaque. Hence, the long wave radiation from earth gets trapped in the same degree as the concentration of this element. Consequently, temperature of the globe rises accordingly.

Simply, carbon do not let the long wave radiation to escape as like the short waves; whereby, temperature of the globe rises as per the concentration of element.

Changing climate. .

Temperature is a master factor of climate that affect every sphere on the earth. Besides, it is highly useful for the growth of flora and fauna. Recently, it is being proved that the rise in temperature is the potential cause of extremity of climatic phenomenon  in the various parts of the world.

So far, we have witnessed that the nature of rainfall in all the natural regions has been drastically changing. Further, frequencies of droughts and consequent water scarcity has exposed the fragility of human lives.

Moreover, the large scale migration of endemic species is also a serious issue. Sea water temperature is no exception as it is rising constantly, making everything worse.

Natural disasters and trail of destruction -impacts of climate change…

You know that the intensity and frequencies of the cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes in the tropical regions have increased considerably.The loss of lives and property is the great cause of concern in the particularly coastal regions where population density, as well as economic activities are highly concentrated.

Apart from tropical coastal regions, interior continental areas are facing challenges  of severe droughts, water scarcity and malnutrition caused by crops failure. In these regions, conflicts for water resources and migration of people is common phenomenon.

On the other hand, in the monsoonal heartland, particularly in India, heavy, sudden rainfall caused unbearable pain and suffering for innocent lives. Almost southern and western part of Indian peninsula has been largely affected in the ongoing rainy season.

Most surprisingly, this is the region which witnessed worst drought and water scarcity in the summer just before two months. Even today, drinking water is being supplied by tankers in the regions of Maharashtra, Telangana, and other states. Unfortunately, this might be the worst example of drought and flood in the same region.


As I mentioned earlier that global warming is a gradual process and it takes long period to be visible. Likewise, remedial measures will not yield quick results. Most shockingly, the consensus to reduce greenhouse gases emission is yet to be reached at the global level. In this situation, no one is ready to sacrifice for collective interests.

But, one thing is unavoidable that innocent lives have to face the fury of nature unless the healing process of nature is accelerated. Hope better will begin soon…

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