Ideological crisis in Maharashtra

Ideological basement of politics of  Maharashtra has completely been eroded by the ongoing exodus of defectants from one party to another on the wake of legislative assembly elections. Once the so called cadre based ideologically sound party is the main destination for current massive influx. On the other hand, the party which initiated the era of defection is the major victim of this opportunitism. Let’s see the reasons for the ongoing Ideological crisis in Maharashtra politics.

Massive victory for BJP in the recent Lok Sabha elections

Even in the seventeenth general elections, BJP clinched clear-cut majority in second time, leaving around fifty seats for the main opposition party-Congress. It was the unexpected results which drastically altered the contours of Indian politics.

Prior to the elections, coalition of opposition parties were hoping to thwart the ambitions of BJP to return in power; nevertheless, BJP sweept more than three hundred seats, defeating the coalition chorus. Obviously, it is going to echoed in the preparations of upcoming assembly elections of Maharashtra and other states.

Potential reasons for ongoing defection

The clear-cut source of departure is the coalition of grand old party and NCP. As I mentioned earlier that Maharashtra gave the unprecedented mandate for BJP in the Lok sabha election, that dashed the hope of party workers as well as ambitions power hungry leaders to get elected in the legislative elections.

Second, bjp’s warm welcome of feudals is the strategic plan to strengthen the party’s position in the bastion of opposition. Whereby, BJP would be the invincible force in the traditional strongholds of Congress and NCP.

Third, the third front VBA-Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi dramatically reduced the traditional vote base of Congress and NCP.

Moreover, in the upcoming legislative assembly elections, VBA  has firmly asserted that the Aaghadi is going to contest all the seats. Thus, there is fear of vote division in the assembly elections.

Fourth, opposition parties are accusing BJP for influencing the party workers by misusing the national agencies for personal gain. Recent raids on the party leaders of opposition signals some foul play; but we can’t outrightly blame for party in power, leaving opportunistic elements untouched. It looks like that recent ideological crisis in Maharashtra  is the interplay of all the mentioned factors.

Anti-defection law and misuse of power

According to the anti-defection law, whenever a elected member leaves a party on which he has elected, looses his membership unless the number is below one-third of the total strength of the party. In this situation, government cannot appoint him or her as a minister when the duration of the current assembly is less than six months.

However, Maharashtra’s government has already appointed two defectant members as ministers when the term of assembly is less than six months.

BJP is the photocopy of NCP

We know that Maharashtra’s politics is well known for its opportunistic flavor and NCP is the pioneer in this endeavour. Once the CM of Maharashtra called the NCP as the “Pack of Rebels.” Truly, these rebels are on the “Ghar Vapasi” campaign; but in the others shelter. On this occasion, Maharashtra’s BJP chief said that right people are coming in the right party means all the leaders of NCP were right even before the ongoing defection.

Needless to mention that BJP often pronounces its cadre based party identity and the strong ideology proposed by  party stalwarts. However, present form of BJP looks like the exact photocopy of NCP. Then, what is the difference between pack of rebels and cadre based political organisation ?

Agrarian distress and wave of opportunitism

In the last two decades, Maharashtra witnessed large scale incidents of farmers suicide due to crop failure and indebtedness. For better information, it is the most advanced region of country. In spite of huge industrial base and well network of sugar factories, farmers are continuously loosing hopes. On the other hand, opportunistic politicians are busy in reaping the lucrative benefits of power through politics of farmers. It looks like that no one is going to solve the problems of farmers in the near future.

Politics of mud-slinging

The recent success of BJP is largely ascribed to the failure of Congress and not the abilities of party in power. In short, the capital of BJP is the failure of Congress. Therefore, in each election,  they criticise Congress in chorus to demand votes.

Whereas, the agenda of Congress isn’t more than secularism to cover up theirs failures. But, how long will this work for both parties ? In reality, it is the failure of Indian voters to elect the better candidates to solve theirs problems. The ongoing ideological crisis in Maharashtra is the culmination of such mentality.

So far, Indian voters have voted for the caste,  religion, and emotional appeals, neglecting their’s own interests. Now, the politicians are aware about the taste and interests of voters. They know that Indian voters will never vote for employment and livelihood but for caste and religion.

The recent victory of BJP is also attributed to the wave of nationalism, leaving all other issues worthless. Obviously, all are aware about this fact. And, that’s why the destination is green pastures watered by the nationalistic feeling without much merits and abilities.

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