How to use definite article “The”

In english language, the role of articles to identify or determine whether a noun in the sentence is specific or general. In other words, these articles are also known as definite or indefinite, depending on the nature of noun. Here, I’m going to explain how to use definite article “The”.
First of all we will see definite article – “The”

“The” is definite or specific article used to identify a specific person, or thing.

1. Meaning and definition of definite article “The”

It is like a demonstrative word used to point out some definite and particular noun of person, place or a thing. And, it also introduces previously mentioned noun in the sentence called as definite article “The”.

2. Function of article “The”

Article functions as adjective
Demonstrate the noun or noun phrase in the sentence
Decides definiteness of a noun of person, place or a thing
To re-mention or re-introduce already mentioned noun
It also acts as a sub-determiner

3. Where to use:- Rules of usage

Use definite article the in the  following cases

To re-introduce previously mentioned noun of person,  thinng or place:-

She ate some fruits. The fruits were very expensive
(The – re-mentions earlies noun fruits)
Where is the pen I gifted you last month ?

For unique , only, famous, well- known places or things

  • The Moon has many phases. (moon is only one )
  • The Tajmahal was built in the memories of empress Mumtaz.  (Tajmahal is an Unique thing)
  • I am a regular reader of the Washington post (well- known newspaper)
  • The Hamlet is read all over the world. (famous literature)

To represent qualities of class or group as a whole

  • The poor are sensitive at others’ problems
  • The dog is loyal animal.

To represent community, nationality:

  • The Japanese are industrious.
  • The English are rational.
  • The Sikhs are warriors.

Before natural and geographic landscapes, regions :

  • The gulf of Mexico
  • The Himalayas
  • The Brazilian highlands

Before country’s name made from union and having two or  more than two words and group of islands

  • The United States of Arab Emirates
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • The republic of china
  • The Philippines
  • The Maldives

Before name of direction

  • In the north
  • To the west

Before the superlative degree

He is the wisest man in our colony.

4. Where not to use: omission of article the

Before proper, material and abstract noun in general way

  • Gold is non- corrosive metal
  • Anger will spoil your career

Before name continent, nation, language, arts, sciences, date, months

  • I am learning French ( don’t use the before French)
  • January is a cold month. (Don’t use the before January.)

How to place definite article “The”in sentences: position of “The”

Before noun

  • The USA is the most powerful nation.

When adjective or adverb comes before noun, then use before adjective

  • The most powerful.
  • The most powerful nation.

When both, all, half, double such words come before noun then use article right before noun

  • I have sort out all the articles of newspaper
  • Labours demanded to double the wages

5. Don’t use article when determinants come before noun

  • He is my friend. (don’t use the before friend)

I think this information will help you in your writing and speaking English language.

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