How to dissolve account of karmas

It is true that the “mystery of afterlife” is still unresolved evern in the age of knowledge explosion, and we have to rely on certain  traditional religious beliefs and assumptions, to justify our way of life. Here, I’m going to explain why someone experiences extreme hardships despite right path and why other enjoys unlimited luxury without sweat. “How to dissolve account of karmas” will answer your most of the puzzling queries…

“What is karmic account”

Desire driven action of a person is generally called as karmas. And, you know that our major religious philosophies and beliefs advocates the idea of different forms of karmas such as Sanchit, Prarabdha, and Kriyaman karma. As per the most religious sculptures which uphold the belief of rebirth, souls tends to move in a cyclic manner to fulfill it’s aspired desires. As a result, the amount of negative, as well as positive karmas gets piled on the name of particular soul.

What is karmic relationship ?

In simple words, karma is nothing but intended actions directed at someone or something. And, to perform such intended actions, one needs to use equal energy as it is only driving force for any action to perform.

Whenever a person involves in actions weather it is positive or negative, same amount of energy either consumed or deposited by the person in action. In this way, ultimately, the unbroken chain of exchange of energy among various participants forms a kind of relationship that we call “karmic relationship”.

So, unless a person settles the liability of karmic relationship by performing required actions, he or she can’t get freed from the karmic bond.

How to dissolve karmas?

For the layman’s understanding, karmas or karmic account cannot be dissolved unless a person ready to give up or sacrifice negative beliefs, personal enmity, and excessive selfish tendencies. Apart from this, some argues that by acquiring proper knowledge one could realize the secret of “maya” or greed. But, these things are voluntary and not forced by situation or destiny. I think such ideas are only relevant to  deliver religious discources and nothing else. So, to dissolve karmas, he or she needs to reject the commands of obsessed greedy mind whether by forced hardships or self enlightenment. Actually, it depends on the soul in action and not the path prescribed by popular beliefs.

Also, it is widely assumed that whenever a person undergoes excessive brutal hardships, then, the person in question develop somehow bias towards “world rejection of ethos”. Contrarily, a person becomes fond of luxury who experienced better fortune. This may be a good reason behind the austarity move by great scholars, mystics, and spiritual gurus to break the karmic thread permanently by sacrificing everything in search of ultimate truth. At the same time, the negative reaction cannot be ruled out as the worst authoritarian persons are the product of unbearable pain and suffering.

In last,

I would like to conclude that even in this life, negative actions or deeds directed at someone by anyone only yield avenge and retaliation. Then, how could it be possible to ensure one’s liberation from the afterlife karmic cycle ?

So, the only way to dissolve karmic account and cycle is to love one another, foregive opponents, help needy, practice truth, and be great servent. Because, it is journey and not one time pilgrimage or rituals to be free from all cyclic liabilities. In short, the deeds can be repaid in the same degree and manner by investing equal energy, and not by chanting God’s name. Hence, the answer for “how to dissolve account of karmas” is subject to challenge due to lack of confirmation…

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