Examples of prepositions of places

Preposition of places, such as, at, in, on, up, down, across, through, beside, are used to describe the relations of nouns, denoting places with the rest of the grammatical units of the given sentence. There are so many prepositions are in use to indicate different types of areas or places. So, let’s see some examples of prepositions of places with rules.

Meaning and definition of preposition

preposition is a word that is also called parts of speech, used to show the relations of noun or pronoun denoting time, place, manner, cause, etc. to the rest of the sentence. It is very essential to construct a proper meaning of any sentence.

•When the place is line, like roads, rivers etc.

•On off, across, and along.

•London is on the Thames river.

•His new flat is just a mile off the national highway.

•His new flat is just a mile away from the national highway.( when place is point)

•He swims across the Ganga river.

•There were no option. So, we used to walk along highway.

•When the place is area with boundaries

“Into, in, out of, through”

•The cat slowly entered into the garden.

•We remained in that village for two days.

•The antelope hurriedly ran through the grassland to save from panther.

•Animals used to migrate out of theirs habitat annually due to water scarcity.

•When the place is point like college, hospital, office etc.

“To, at, away”

•Students go to the school.

•My house is really away from school.

•First time, we met at the broadcasting office.

•Showing position vertically and horizontally

“On, over, above, under below — for vertically”

•Now, he is on the roof of house.

•The flock of birds are flying over the river. (“over” is used between on and above)

•The clouds are gathered right above the mountain.

“Below” preposition is used for greater depth compare to “under”

“In front of, beside, behind — for horizontally”

•He has parked his bike right in front of the house.

•He is waiting beside the bus. (here, “besides” have other meaning)

•I failed to notice him because he was well behind of his father.

These are not all but few important Examples of prepositions of places along important rules,  used to show position of nouns or pronouns.

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