Examples of both…and conjunction

Among all the cumulative conjunctions, both… and conjunction creates better emphatic effect. It emphasis more on describing elements. Besides, adds similar grammatical units. Let’s see some rules and useful examples of both…and conjunction.

Both….Andcumulative conjunction

  1. It is also called paired or corelative conjunction.
  2. Coordinating conjunction to add similar grammatical units.
  3. “Both.. and” is used to create emphatic effect.
  4. It is used to put emphasis on certain elements.
  5. Plural form of auxiliary verbs are used to make both.. and sentence.
  6. Comma is omitted from such type of cumulative conjunction.
  7. Similar grammatical units are connected.

Examples of both…and conjunction..

  • Both global warming and climate change are threat for biodiversity. (plural form of auxiliary verbs are essential)
  • Oceans are both deep and vast. (both adjectives)
  • He is both athlete and musician. (emphasis on both nouns)
  • They want both to reduce trade deficit and to increase employment opportunities. (both are infinitives)
  • Cyclone is both damaging property and killing lives in the coastal Carolina. (both are independent clauses)
  • Human is both greedy and sensitive. (both are adjectives)
  • Equatorial forests are both dense and evergreen.

Examples of “And” conjunction

It is a cumulative coordinating conjunction “Generally, “and” is used in the neutral sense to add extra information

Used to add similar attributes, qualities, things, and two actions”.

  • US and China decided to start trade negotiations.
  • Water and air pollutions are dangerous for human health. (plural auxiliary)
  • Himalaya and Andes are folded mountains.
  • India, Brazil, and South Africa are planning to boost trade.
  • Road, rail, and waterways are major forms of transportation.

When we add more than two words, comma is essential before “and”. In case of two words, comma before “and” is not compulsory.

“And” is used to join two independent clauses but with comma. Comma is introduced before “And.”

  • Nowadays, the temperature is rising, and the incidents of sunburn are constantly increasing.
  • Food security is a major problem in the LDCs, and the incidents of droughts are on the rise in African nations.

Comma is important in case there are two independent clauses..

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