Use of even though and even if

Even though and even if looks same subordinating conjunctions, but have completely different meanings and use. Even though is used to describe real contrasting situation; whereas, even if is preferred to describe hypothetical situation which may not be true. Let’s see the better clarity.

We know that there are a lot of subordinating conjunctions used to introduce the dependent clauses in the sentence formation processes.

“Even though” is used to describe the extreme contrast or unusual surprising yet real idea to the main clause.

On the other hand, “even if” is used in the higher level of conditional sentences to describe hypothetical or speculative imagination that may not be true.

In both conjunctions, “even” adverb is added that implies surprising extreme or contrary to expectations.

Examples of

Contrast expressing conjunctions

•Though, Although

•Even though, Notwithstanding

•Even if — subordinating conjunctions.

•Still, Yet

•Only, However

•Whereas, But

•Nevertheless — coordinating conjunctions

Above mentioned all the subordinating, as well as coordinating conjunctions are used to express  contrast  to the main clause. However, not all the conjunctions are used for the same purpose.

All these subordinating conjunctions  have more or less same meaning but difference in degree of surprise.

You know that the hidden meaning of these conjunctions is “In spite of” or “despite that”.

Now let’s see the correct use of even though and even if with simple method.

•Even though + clause of contrast + comma + main clause

•Main clause + even  though + clause of contrast

It is used for greater or extreme  contrast in the sentence.

It is much more stronger compare to other subordinating conjunctions, such as, although and  though.

Rules for proper use

•It should connect two clauses — main clause + depending clause.

•Depending clause should derive it’s meaning from main clause.

•Subordinating clause expressed by this conjunction should be used to describe unusual, or surprising ideas for main clause.

•Comma is essential when the sentence is begun with subordinating conjunctions.

Examples in sentence

•It was a drought resistance species.

•It failed to survive in the ongoing severity of heat wave.

• Even though it was a drought resistance species, it failed to survive in the ongoing severity of heat wave.

•He is well known short tempered man.

He remained calm and cool even after a lot of criticism.

•Even though he is well known short tempered man, he remained calm and cool even after a lot of criticism.

•The global economy is slowing down rapidly.

•Many countries are busy in imposing trade tarriffs in imported goods.

•Even though global economy is slowing down rapidly, many countries are busy in imposing trade tariffs on imported goods.

Use of even if

•Even if + conditional clause + comma + main clause.

•Main clause +even if +  conditional clause.


•Even if you show your willingness, you will not be the part of team.

•He is a big liar. Nobody trusts him even if he tells universal truth.

•I wouldn’t support him even if I were rich.

In all these examples, nothing has happened. It is just speculative imagination. So, no reality is there.

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