English grammar

“English grammar” page on Dnyanoba Gutte: Mission for Quality Education and Learning, is to empower students to learn English language with the help of Basic grammar and Functional grammar.

English Grammar has two parts:– (Basic grammar and Functional grammar)

1.Basic grammar or parts of speech” includes–

•Parts of speech – noun, pronoun, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, and conjunctions.

•Spelling rules,

•Rules of pronunciation.

2. “Functional grammar” includes —


clauses – subordinating, coordinating, Correlative.

•Tenses – present, past, and future tense.

•Types of degrees, Direct •indirect speech, types of sentences etc.

•Transformation of sentences and formation of sentences.

So, this grammer page on Dnyanoba Gutte: Mission for quality education and learning, is all about to provide better study material and techniques of both basic and functional grammar for the needy learners, students, and teachers.

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