Elements of noun phrase

A group of words which includes, noun, modifiers, and determiners, is called noun phrase. Within the sentence, noun phrase functions like noun. Equally, it can be a subject, object, or complements. So, let’s take a deeper insight by understanding major elements of noun phrase.

Key elements of noun phrase

Basically, there are three major elements of noun phrase. But, sometimes, it can be included two sub category in the form of pre  and post determiners and modifiers before and after  “Head noun”.


Determiners are the certain words that determine the numbers of noun in the phrase or head.

•Many people

•Three dogs

•Seven days

•Several examples

In these examples, “Many, three, several, and seven” are the determiners which determine the numbers of noun.


Modifiers are the certain types of words that add extra information on the head noun without changing the basic meaning of noun.

•Warm water

•Strong wind

•Deep water

•Long distance

•Precious metal

•Beautiful picture

In these examples, different adjectives are placed before the head nouns, which function like modifiers.

•Pre – determiners and modifiers

Pre determiners and modifiers are labeled in case of more than one determiner and modifier in the single noun phrase.

•Head – noun

It may be a single word or compound word around which determiners and modifiers are placed accordingly.

•Post – determiners and post – modifiers

Whenever the determiners and modifiers are placed after the head noun, such words are called post determiners and modifiers.

Structure of noun phrase

The length of noun phrase could be a single word or more than even five words, as per the requirements of sentence. Here are some useful examples :–

•The  man – single determiner,

•The dancing man – single determiner and modifier,

•The dancing young man – single determiner and two modifiers,

•The twenty years old young man –  more than two determiners and modifiers,

•The twenty – five years old young man – complex form,

•The twenty – five years old young man with curly hair – more complex form.

Pre – determiner + determiner + Pre – modifier + modifier + Head + post determiner + post modifier.

It is the correct placement of modifiers and determiners around the noun head increases  the length and complexity of noun phrase.

In the next blog, I will explain the position of noun phrase within the sentence.

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