Difference between such as and such that

Such…that is a correlative conjunction of cause and effect used to join two elements or independent clauses of equal importance. Whereas, “such as” is an appositives( similar to “case in apposition”) used to add similar information to noun or pronoun. Besides, such…as is also used as a correlative conjunction to join extra similar information. So, for better clarity, let’s see the difference between such as and such that.

In order to understand the appositives, we need to first know the types of noun cases, as well as meaning and definition of case in apposition.

Definition and meaning of “noun case”

Noun case is a word used to express the relation of a noun with the other words in the given sentence. But, usually, it is relevant only with the personal pronouns in the sentence. For example :-

•He is a talented student.

•Teacher taught them a learning method.

•Students donated some money in charity.

In the first example, “He” personal pronoun is placed in the subjective case. whereas, in the second example, “them” is placed as an indirect object in the dative case.

And, in the third example, “some money” is placed in the objective case.

“Case in apposition”

In this case, a word that is noun or pronoun follows another words describing the thing mentioned earlier in detailed manner, is said to be case in apposition. For example :–

•Maasai Mara, national park of Kenya, is my favorite place to stay.

•Ganga, a perennial river of India, emerges out Gangotri glacier.

•Cricket, a national game of England, is highly popular in the Asian nations.

“Such as”- appositives phrase

As I mentioned earlier that such as phrase is used to add extra similar information to noun or pronoun to make it more clear.

•Perennial rivers such as Ganga, Amazon, and Mekong are act as boon for mankind.

•Folded mountains such as Himalayas, Andes, and Atlas are product of collision of tectonic plates.

Such..as correlative conjunction

Apart from appositive phrase, such…as is also used as a correlative conjunction to play same role and functions.

•Such players as play mach winning innings should be considered for World Cup.

•He is not such a champion as you think him to be.

Such…that correlative conjunction

Such..that correlative conjunction is widely used to express the relation between cause and effect. “Such” is used to introduce cause. Whereas, “that” expresses effect.


•He was such a tired person that he totally gave up to walk further.

•Third World includes such  poor nations  that they cannot invest in green technology.

•She is such a pious lady that everyone revers her politely.

•It was such a  dreadful and poisonous snake that everyone preferred to stay away safely.

This is all about the difference between such as and such that…

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