Difference between food chain and trophic level

Ecosystem is a systematic interacting relationship of different organisms with one another, including autotrophs and heterotrophs, and also with their physical setting. Such ecosystems are made up of various food chains, food webs, and trophic levels for mutual survival. In this blog, I’m going to explain the difference between food chain and trophic level for your greater insight of environment…

“Meaning and definition of food chain”

Food chain is a sequential pattern or relationship of consumers and priducers in a ecosystem. In short, ecosystem is a totality of food chains that includes producers and decomposers. In order to develop a food chain, energy should be transferred from one trophic level to another through ingestation by higher level. Finally, food web is formed with more than one food chains.

What is mean by trophic level ?

Trophic level is an identical group of animals having similar characteristics and nutritional requirements. Simply, producers, herbivores, and consumers or carnivores form different forms of trophic levels as per theirs nutritional requirements. Hence, every average food chain includes around five trophic levels.

“Ecological efficiency”

Ecological efficiency is the ratio of energy transfer from one and ingested by other. It indicates the rate at which energy is transferred from linear sequence of one trophic level to another.

“Definition of species and community”

Species is type are organisms having interbreeding abilities with similar traits and characteristics. Whereas, when different such species come together, then community emerges. For example, cat is a species of mammals. On the other hand, a snake is a species of reptiles. When such different types of species lives in a ecosystem, then these group is called “community”.

“Food chain Vs ¬†trophic level”

Tropic level is an identical group of animals having similar characteristics and nutritional requirements. Such animals may be autotrophs, detritus, or heterotrophs.

Food chains are nothing but the sequential pattern or relationship of such trophic levels. So, without trophic levels, the vertical transfer of energy cannot be realized.

In other words, food chain is a vertical pattern of different trophic levels having different organisms in the physical setting. In this way, both are complementary, as well as mutually interdependent for theirs survival.

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