Difference between ecology and ecosystem

Ecology is about the careful understanding of interactions of organisms. Whereas, Ecosystem is a structured mechanism of their interdependence.

Difference between Ecology and ecosystem

Technically speaking, ecology is an offshoot of biology that deals with how organisms interacts with others in their physical setting. On the other hand, ecosystem is an inter-relationship of different organisms within a particular area.

Meaning of ecology

For better insight about the difference between ecology and ecosystem, we need to go much deeper.

Suppose, there is a protected national park. Annually, it receives adequate rain and sufficient sunshine. Being a tropical region, there is a reddish soil that support variety of plants and grasses.

For example, it is a habitat of variety of wild animals. They are both reptiles, as well as mammals. Among them, antelopes, deer, hyenas, snakes, panthers are most prominent.

Besides, variety of birds species are also noticeable. Owing to permanent availability of water, these variety of species live and thrive there.

In the peak season, the numbers and size of herds, especially deers and antelopes increases. It is due to lush green grass. But, the erosion begins with the beginning of lean season.

Similarly, it happens with other flesh eating carnivores such as wild dogs, hyenas, and panthers. In the lean season, they can be observable. But, in peak, they do not come out.

In short, this park manifests many types of interactions. Let it be the growth and decline of grasses and plants, and its effects on deers, antelopes etc. Similarly, the numbers of flesh eating carnivores fluctuates in the line of herbivores deers.

The total processes including photosynthesis to decomposition, and theirs systematic understanding is termed as “Ecology”. And, it includes entire biosphere.

What is mean by Ecosystem?

It is a system of established ecological interactions and interdependence in a particular area. Simply, ecosystem means the system of interdependence among different organisms, including deers, antelopes, hyenas, panthers etc. For, survival, how one organism depends on other in a particular habitat.

There can be numerous ecosystems in a large area like grassland ecosystem, estuarine ecosystem, marine ecosystem etc.

How to differentiate between ecology and ecosystem?

Difference between ecology and ecosystem is that a ecosystem is a system of interdependence among different organisms within a particular area. Whereas, ecology is a careful study of all interactions and process of all living organisms in the entire biosphere.

Simply, we need how and why while answering the meaning of ecology. On the other hand, ecosystem needs what and how.

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