Deforestation and soil erosion

We know that soil resource is the prized asset of mankind. Really, it is free gift of nature. But, the greed driven deforestation and consequent loss of precious age old resource is cause of great concern. In this blog, “Deforestation and soil erosion” you will learn how both are interconnected and affect each other.

Interconnection between deforestation and soil erosion

Technically, loose top layer of the exposed soil become too vulnerable to protect from the natural forces of erosion in the absence of adequate vegetative cover in the form of trees, plants, creepy canes, and other residual material.

So far, it has already been proved by the various experiments of soil conservation techniques that ample vegetative cover is the best means to reduce the speed and eroding capacity of agents of erosion.

Hence, undoubtedly, the ongoing activities and unprecedented pace of deforestation in the fragile catchment areas of various rivers across the world, is one of the reasons for the qualitative, as well as quantitative loss of prized life supporting system.

Sedimenting river beds and Dams

In the recent years, swallowing river beds and dams in the barren catchment areas of major rivers, are enough to conclude that the exposed alluvial and other sedentary soil is constantly being eroded in the absence of reasonable vegetative cover.

Moreover, choked river beds cannot carry the huge amount of water and loads in the peak rainy season. Consequently, adjoining areas of river banks gets flooded, damaging property, crops, and livestocks. In this way, the initial single undesirable act is becoming a highly complex potential threat for our lives.

Need to think seriously

So, henceforth, the so called policy makers need to toil a lot to answer and arrest the large-scale loss of vital pillar of  our environment.

First, many nations lacks strict, workable legal interventions. Here, no excuse can outweigh the importance of protection measures. Therefore, genuine legal intervention is urgently required at the global as well as local level. Global institutions can make initial initiative in this direction along with respective governments.

Second, it shouldn’t be like the burden but desired habit to plant trees and save them. And, at the same time, measures of soil conservation should be streamlined through the way of life right from school to profession. Mere normative measures will not yield desired results.

Finally, interlinked permanent institutional framework is highly important for the efficient supervision and management of all life supporting systems. Henceforth, we need to alter our tendency to wake up only out of compulsion.

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