Cycle of Karmas and rebirth

Religion is a set of belief systems about something that is either transcendental in nature or beyond human reason. Likewise, almost every religion believes in the cycle of karma, destiny and rebirth as an indispensable part of journey of soul, driven by karma. Through this blog, “Cycle of karmas and rebirth” you will get deep insight about why people blame destiny for theirs plight and misery.

What is destiny ?

Destiny is nothing but the destined situation for a person based on karma performed in the previous life. In short, it is a pre-existing situation in which person in question has to respond or act as per his or her wish. So, obviously, destiny can’t be good or bad but the karmas that one did in the last birth.

What does karma means?

Karma is the output of desire driven deeds by a person in the process of living life in the previous birth. In reality, karma is a neutral concept, but due to it’s impacts on our life force us to label it as a bad or good karmas.

Generally, person wants to change bad karmas or destiny without sacrificing good karmas.

As per the various religious beliefs and reference books, karma can be classified in the different forms according to the origin of time.

Types of karmas

•Sanchit karma

•Prarabdha karma

•Kriyaman karma

1. Sanchit karma

It is the totality of all karmas accumulated over the births that a soul have taken before this birth. In short, it is the storehouse of unrealized karmas of previous births.

2. Prarabdha karma

Prarabdha karma is a certain  part of Sanchit karma that is taken to realize in the present birth. Because, no one could bear the intensity of total Sanchit karma in a single birth. That’s why, a certain amount of bearable karma is assigned to a soul to realize in the ongoing life.

3. Kriyaman karma

Kriyaman karma is the active response by a soul in the process of realizing the Prarabdha karma. In simple words, if you are born in a certain situation, and while living in that situation you take some decisions in response to the surrounding situations. These taken decisions in response to the destined situation is called “Kriyaman karma.”

What is birth and why is it essential ?

Birth is the reappearance of soul in the newly form to realize the liabilities and dividends of previous life. It is compulsory as long as the portion of Sanchit karma is remained to realize. Simply, whether it is bad or good karmas, you have to come down to repay or realize the remained portion.

What does Mokhsa mean ?

Moksha is a state when your debit and credit account of karmas are empty. It means that you have to make your Sanchit karma zero to reach at the neutral stage. And it is only possible by sacrificing desires and great devotion to almighty God. Person achieved Moksha doesn’t need to reappear in the cyclic manner as a part of cause and effect.

At last,

So, cycle of karmas and rebirth could be controlled by the person itself by sacrificing the greed of worldly affairs and surrendering at the feet of almighty God. Because, we know that desire driven cycle of deeds and karmas have no end.

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