Coronavirus threat for human survival

It is true that fragility of human lives wasn’t so badly exposed than the recent outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. Because, even after the six months of outbreak, our scientists have failed to invent an effective medicine to cure this unexpected disease. Most importantly, even the prominent nations of world are totally sandwiched by the safety of people and declining health of economies. Let’s explore why the coronavirus pandemic is a threat for human survival in the current circumstances.

Nature of coronavirus pandemic

It is a different kind of disease, because of —

•Impacts are more dangerous than disease.

•Highly infectious

•Mode of infection through water droplets by sneezing and coughing.

•People to people contact is highly dangerous.

•Social distance is the only precaution

•Human being is gregarious in nature.

•Mortality rate is around 10 percent of affected cases.

•Limitations on the human’s direct  relation.

•Lockdowns is compulsory with social distance.

•Question of economic activities.

•Problems of human psychology and attitudinal changes.

•Uncontrollable in the highly populous nations.

•Inability to work is going to become another pandemic in the form of starvation and death.

Causes of panic

Even a single positive person can affect many hundreds of healthy persons within a short period of time. Really, highly infectious and contagious.

So, symptoms do not cause the panic but lack of medicine and intensity of infections. Besides, poor nations have average healthcare infrastructure, and in case of huge stress, there may be chaos and catastrophe.

In short, low death rate but high intensity of infections through person to person along lack of effective medicine, are the primary causes of panic among people. Apart from this, stagnated economic activities, compulsions of lockdowns, and financial problems are becoming headache for ruling class.

We are aware about that even the most powerful nations of the world are totally sandwiched between the safety and economy amidst the ongoing pandemic.

What would be the range of tolerance?

Today, It is too difficult to predict about the development of effective medicine, whether drugs or vaccine, considering the nature of coronavirus. Our scientific community has been toiling hard to get medicine ever since the outbreak.

now, slowly but surely, the bearing capacity of common people is running out quickly. And, political, ruling class is still clueless about the solutions. In this regard, we have to ponder over the genuine question — how long will they (people and governments) adjust to wait for the  possible solutions ? What would happen when the available resources are over?

Determinism Vs possibalism

It is certain that now onwards, unless we find effective solution or cure, nature is going to dectate the human survival with minimum range of freedom. So, after a long period of time, nature has in the position of absolute determinant. And, man, even in the age of explosion of technology, is looking hapless to deal with the present crisis. In the present circumstances, only time will tell how long coronavirus pandemic will be a threat for human survival..

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