Coronavirus management in India

Although the global community has been appreciating the efforts done by government to contain the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus pandemic through strict series of lockdowns, the incidents of infections, casualties, and chaos of migrants, as well as conflicts of general public with authority refute the government claim of successful execution and management of coronavirus in India.

What is coronavirus pandemic?

It is highly infectious disease that recently surfaced in Wuhan provision of China. So far, it has infected millions of people across more than two hundred nations. That’s why WHO has already declared it as the global pandemic. In order to control it’s devastating nature, scientists across the world are working so hard to develop an effective medicine, but, still no definite results. Therefore, affected nations are more relying on the precautionary measures in the form of lockdowns, social distancing, and quarantine than treatment.

Announcement of lockdowns in india

The government of India, in the third week of the march, suddenly announced the total lockdowns across the country. It was the sudden decision without any earlier instructions.

Actually, the coronavirus pandemic was surfaced in December month of 2019. However, hardly any nation took it seriously. Even US, which is now suffering a lot from this pandemic, absolutely denied it as a potential threat and termed it as a ridiculous thing to stop economic activities.

India, one of the largest neighbouring nation and second most populous nations, was failed to understand the seriousness of this disease in the earlier months. When the cases started appearing in India and even many nations adopted the precautionary measures to control the spread of coronavirus pandemic, the government hurriedly announced the strict lockdowns out of fear without sound preparation. So, it is the time of coronavirus management in India raised eyebrow of many experts than the method and processes…

Panicked migrant workers

It was the sudden decision without any earlier instructions to the people for required preparation. Then, millions of panicked migrants workers started walking to reach theirs homes without any means of transportation. Unfortunately, hundreds of casualties were recorded due to such movements across nation.

Finally, when the cases of coronavirus were rising rapidly, government agreed to start shrmik trains to help these people to reach where they want to go. Undoubtedly, it was a big blow for the precautionary measures as it opened the new entry gates into the green zones of the north Indian states. If government had instructed all these people in the Feb or at the beginning of March, these people would have safely reached theirs destination without trouble and infection. However, the late initiative taken by the government of India, without sound preparation and planning, has not only paved the way for more entry gates for infection during peak period, but it also created panic, chaos, and trouble in the life of volunerable workers and poor people.

Inadequate medical equipment

India is the second most populous country in the world with more than one billion population. The most developed nations of the world with lesser population are struggling to make available the required medical equipment for the rapidly growing coronavirus cases. Then, what would happen with poor and populous nations like India, when the cases become out of control. How could they manage to make available costly ventilators and physical infrastructure on time for needy? It is really beyond imagination.

Loss of jobs and rising dependency ratio

Today, the total nation is under the strict lockdowns since two months without any economic activities. At the same time, we are aware about the reality of the per capita income and rate of saving in India. In such situation, how could a family with more than five members survive without work for months?  And, how much government can afford to pay for these people and how long?  As time passes, people are becoming desperate for means of production and livelihood. Now, they are more panicked about loss of resources than the coronavirus crisis. Now onwards, the situation might be out of control due to unstoppable series of lockdowns. But, if the government acts on the right time with greater vision, the coronavirus management in India would have borne more concrete results than today’s chaos and casualties..Politics of coronavirus pandemic

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