Conservative majoritism and constitutional democracy

Conservative majoritism is a shrudly crafted lethal political weapon to manufacture communal or racial differences between two sections of societies. The main intention of such maneuvering is either to divert the attention of public from committed promises and burning issues or to strengthen weakening political position. Here, I’m going to explain the difference between conservative majoritism and constitutional democracy.

Nowadays, United States of America and India are two nations where this theory can be applied without any inconsistencies.

Majority rule or rule by majority

We are in the age of democratic world where the fundamental rights of citizens are safeguarded by the supreme constitution. It means that in any democratic system, the role of constitution is to safeguard the interests and rights of minorities without hurting the interests of majority.

This is the true sense of majority rule where rule is supported by elected majority, and not of majority by religion or race.

But, what would happen when the majority by religion or race decides the fate of government in the absence of strong institutions ? And, what would be the state of minority when the government is cunningly manufacturing confrontations between two sensitive sections ?

Conservative majoritism meaning and definition

In democratic system, public opinion is the major determinant factor as it has considerable influence over the voters, as well as voting behaviour. People in power or aspirants used to employ various tricks and treats to woo voters, including freebies, developmental agendas for public welfare.

On the other hand, some cunning and opportunistic elements infuse the sense of fear or social deprivation targeting other minorities or well-off section to generate poisonous consensus to get elected.

When the public opinion is formed with sense of such insecurity by comparing well-off minority or glorious past to polarize masses to garner votes, such notorious political tactics is termed as conservative majoritism.

Such notorious, lethal political weapon is intentionally crafted by only when the nations have developmental issues with great inequality, or by opportunistic power greedy elements.

Constitutional democracy meaning and definition

Constitution is a legal legitimate supreme document that includes the consensus set of rules accepted by citizens and pledged to abide by it forever. It is the ultimate source of power for both ruler, as well as ruled.

When the people of  nation are ruled according to the rules of constitution; rights of minorities are properly safeguarded; and there are adequate independent, strong institutions to ensure checks and balances. Then, it is called the constitutional democracy which is totally different from manipulated conservative majoritism.

Examples of India and USA

In USA, the pace of development of minority cannot be attributed to the liberal policies of successive governments, nor decline of glory of majority, but for consistent hard work they took ever since the liberation from inhuman slavery.

On the other hand, the loosing lustre of majority is mainly attributed for their sense of complacency, conservative mentality, and luxurious attitude. The relative decline of their status not the result of Mexican immigration either.

But, ongoing US President Donald Trump tactically aroused the sense of insecurity among the well-off minority, as well as immigration from poor nations. Border fencing along Mexico and frequent racial conflicts are the strong evidence to support this claim.

In case of India, the situation was quite different than USA ; nevertheless, the political tyrant successfully implemented the tactics that Donald Trump employed.

In India, cause of power change wasn’t the social deprivation, nor any considerable immigration but corruption, nepotism and unemployment. Despite these things, people in power shrudly diverted the attention of public from committed promises and burning issues towards the minority and Gandhi dynasty to perpetuate opportunistic rule.

Surprisingly, leader of both nations used to eulogize each other to cover-up theirs failures and weaknesses. But, nowadays, in reality, people under these tyrant manipulative rules are feeling more suffocated due to unemployment, intolerance, polarization and lack of freedom of speech.

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