Conjunction of time and condition

In the English language, “Conjunction of time and condition” is usually used to express -Duration, Distance, and Conditions. Basically, “as long as and so long as” are time’s conjunctions, but used otherwise in the certain conditions. “As long as” is common to express distance compare to “so long as.” Let’s see some useful examples for deeper insight.

Examples expressing condition, duration

As long as

“As long as and so long as” are not used in the same manner as the conjunctions of condition but for the intended duration about something. In clearity, one thing will not happen unless a certain duration of is completed.

It means that “as long as” is used to express condition + duration + involved subject matter. It isn’t merely used in the same sense of conditional sentences.

Let’s begin with examples:-

•We will help you, as long as you are with us.

•I have no insecurity, as long as I am in this house.

•No need to panic, as long as security personnels are here.

•My patience will not die down  as long as my last attempt is over.

•Our financial aid will continue, as long as you agree with our rules.

•The plant will not wilt, as long as the temperature is below average.

•Our efforts will continue, as long as the challenge is there.

•Economy will grow as per our expectations, as long as government continues its reforms.

•There will not be any water scarcity, as long as we use it carefully.

Though it looks like conjunction of time, it is frequently used in the conditional expression.

Second, both “as long as and so long as” are preferred in the future sense, but both are not used with future auxiliaries. Instead, simple present is commonly used to express future sense.

Third, generally,  comma is placed after main clause. Both are used in either of places -with beginning or in the middle of the sentence.

“As long as” for distance

In order to show distance,

“as long as” is used as a phrase in place of conjunction.

•Our new jogging track is much longer. It is as long as that of the college track.

•They have to toil a lot as theirs new school far from main stop. It is as long as that of the previous one.

•Don’t get scared, it is not so long as you are thinking. It is as long as that of our guest house.

These are some examples expressing distance with “as long as and so long as.”

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