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As well as cumulative conjunction

As well as” is a cumulative conjunction used to form coordinating or independent clauses. It is also used to make compound or mixed sentences. “As well as” joins two grammatical forms with great emphasis on one compare to other. Functions of as well as cumulative conjunction “As well as” join two grammatical forms with great emphasis on one compares to other. Generally, this conjunction is used to …

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Conjunctions for alternative choices

In English grammar, coordinating conjunctions especially conjunctions for alternative choices are used to express a situation of two choices by using either or and neither nor. Herein, I’m going to describe contrast and similarity between two conjunctions– either or and neither nor conjunction for alternative choices. Rules, and examples of conjunctions for alternative choices Let’s …

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Adverb clause of cause or reason

To explain cause of action, adverb clause of cause or reason is used before or after the main clause in the sentence. Adverb clause describing reason is usually introduced by subordinating conjunctions such as because, since, for, as, that, etc. Subordinating conjunctions for adverb clause of reason Here are some important subordinating conjunctions used to introduce adverb clause of reason or cause. Because– for strongest cause Since– for weaker cause …

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