Basic Grammar

Correct use of “By” and “With”

“By and with” prepositions are used to denote agent and instrument. “By” preposition is used to denotes agent or doer in the sentence. Whereas, “With” preposition denotes instrument. For clarity, let’s see correct use of “By and With” prepositions Preposition meaning and definition Grammatically, preposition is an important parts of speech, used to denotes the …

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Difference of unless and even if

“Unless and even if” are subordinating conjunctions mainly used to express restrictive conditions. The hidden meaning of “unless” is “if…not”, whereas, “even if” implies “in spite of, or despite that”. Let’s see the difference of unless and even if for proper use. “Unless = “If…not” restrictive conditions Structure for the use of “Unless” in sentence …

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Classification of adverbs

Adverbs are classified into, time, place, manner, purpose, etc. on the basis of circumstantial elements. Adverbs are used to qualify or modify adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Here, is presented detailed classification of adverbs. Meaning and classification of adverbs Grammatically, Adverb is a word used to qualify, or modify the given meaning of Adjective, Verb, or …

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