Basic Grammar

Functions of preposition

The vital role and Functions of preposition is to describe relations of nouns or pronouns to other grammatical units in the given sentence. What does preposition do? Prepositions express relations of nouns or pronouns to the rest of the sentence. Preposition+ noun = object of preposition. Prepositional phrase is used as adjective or adverbial in sentence. Other functions depends on position in …

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Adverbial complements    

When adverbs, adverbial phrases, or clauses gives or provides complete meaning to performed action in the sentence, such adverbs, adverbial phrases, or clauses are called as adverbial complements. Need for adverbial complements Just look at the following examples, and you will realize the importance to use in sentence. His father warned her. For what?Why? They appoint a team. For what? Why? Both nations are …

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As well as and both and conjunctions

Both “As well as and both….and” are known as cumulative coordinating conjunctions. They are used to introduce coordinating clause to add extra information to earlier main clause. How to use as well as and both and Cumulative conjunctions “Both…..And” is used to join two equal grammatical forms with plural auxiliary verb. On the other hand, “As well as”is used to join two grammatical forms …

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