Basic Grammar

Explanation of cumulative conjunctions

It is a type of coordinating conjunction used to add extra information “with certain degree of emphasis” to the independent clauses. It connects two words, phrases, and independent clauses. So, let’s see explanation of cumulative conjunctions. How to use cumulative conjunctions? It is a coordinating conjunction. Used to add extra information with certain degree of emphasis. Connect two words, phrases,or independent clauses It …

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Examples of correlative conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions or paired conjunctions are used to join two elements of equal importance. But, they do not play all the same functions like subordinating, as well as coordinating conjunctions. Not only…but also, either….or, neither…nor, whether…or, such…that, although…yet, just as…so etc. are some examples of correlative conjunctions. Use and examples of correlative conjunctions It is …

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Simple examples of degrees

Generally, we use adjectives to describe the different levels about the qualities, nature, and characteristics of nouns whether it is positive or negative, to make them more meaningful.  For this to work accordingly, proper forms of degrees of adjectives whether regular or irregular need to be taken to provide natural meaning. Let’s see the use …

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