As well as/both and

Both “As well as and both..and” are cumulative, coordinating conjunctions. They are used to add extra information to earlier clause. Besides, both are used to form compound, as well as mixed sentences.

Role of as well as and both and 

“Both..And” is used to join two equal grammatical forms; whereas, “As well as” is used to join two grammatical forms with great emphasis on one compares to other.

Generally, these conjunctions are used to join:-

1.Two words,

2.Two phrases,or

3.Two independent clauses

Both… And

First of all, we will learn about the:-Both… And

Both…. And are used to join two equal grammatical forms. It is very essential because this conjunction emphasis equally on both sides.

It is used only when the parts are equal in value. Both is paired with “And”. Moreover, “And” acts as a coordinator for “Both”.

For the better understanding, here are some examples.

•Both global warming and climate change are threat for biodiversity.

•Oceans are both deep and vast.

•US wants both to reduce trade deficit and to increase employment through negotiations.

•She aspires both to visit US and to study there.

•Chins is both planning to boost export and trying to make bilateral agreements to generate surplus.

In this way, the use of both.. and is only possible when there is equal grammatical forms in the form of word phrases or independent clauses.

Further, it is limited to only positive sentences. It is not used in the negative sense.

As well as

In the second part, we are going to learn how to use as well as in the joining words and independent clauses.

As well as is different in meaning than “And”or Both… And. It is though cumulative coordinating conjunctions, it is used in the different context.

“And”& Both… And are used to join equal value grammatical units or forms with equal emphasis.

On the other hand,  “As well as” is used to add extra emphasis in the second part.

One thing you should bear in mind that “as well as” doesn’t make subject plural.

Also, comma is essential to separate the second form including “as well as” from stressed earlier form.

For better understanding, we need to examine some examples.

•Temperature, as well as soil, is very important to support life.

•Soil,as well as water pollution, is dangerous for plants growth.

•China, as well as US, is capable to shape global economy.

•Fossil fuel, as well as coal, is responsible for the carbon dioxide emmisson.

In all the examples, you might have noticed that the use of comma is essential to separate the emphasised earlier grammatical form from second.

In every sentence, emphasis is placed on the first word.

Hope, you will understand the techniques to use “Both… And”& “As well As”.After practice, you will be able to master it perfectly.

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