“As long as” and “so long as”

“As long as” and “so long as” are conjunctional phrases used to connect or introduce subordinating clauses to indicate “conditional period of time”. These are neither fully conditional nor temporal subordinating connectors. But, a kind of mixture of both.

“Meaning and definition of as long as and so long as”

For specifically, the hidden meaning of both phrases indicate :–

•During the time that

•for the time that

•Provided that

•Only till the time that

It means that these conjunctional phrases are used to describe a specific period of time as a condition for something.

•As long as it is raining heavily, you can not go out. But, once raining stops, there will be no problem to go out.

•We do not need to worry as long as our job is safe. But, when there is recession, you need to worry about your job.

•As long as l have my salary, I will help you in need.

•As long as I am in London, you can use my bike.

These examples are denoting the time bound conditions about something. Here, the validity of second result directly depends on the precondition of first statement.

•For example, as long as l am in London, you can use my bike.

In this example, you are permitted to use my bike when I am in London. Once I leave, you will not get that benefit due to some reasons. In this way, as long as is used to describe a condition based on a certain period of time.

So, “as long as” and “so long as” both conjunctional phrases are neither fully conditional nor temporal subordinating connectors.

•I will work there as long as sunlight is enough.

Here, the condition for work is the duration of sunshine. It means it is not mere conditional but connector of time as well.

Compare to as long as, “so long as” is less formal and rarely preferred in the formal expressions.

Some important examples of as long as

•As long as corrupt politicians are there, the system will not work for poor.

•As long as l am in charge here, I will not let anyone to misbehave.

•As long as the college is open, you may study in the library.

•You will not get relief so long as you properly exercise regularly.

The future tense auxiliary verb is generally not preferred to introduce “as long as” and “so long as” clause. Instead, it is used in the main clause.

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