As far as and according as

As far as and according as are well known phrases, as well as conjunctions of manners. Being the subordinating conjunctions of manners, both are used to express opinions about something. Also, they are taken to introduce subordinating clauses at the beginning of complex sentence. So, let’s take a look at the correct use of as far as and according as..

Meaning and definition of as far as

Generally, as far as and according as are used to express opinions and provide interpretation of something about which complete information is unknown. The hidden meaning of these phrases is “to a certain extent” like as far as my opinion is concerned, or as far as my coach is concerned.

It is used when there is a lack of clarity or confirmation about an issue or information.

•As far as the ongoing political deadlock is concerned, all the parties are not going to sacrifice anything to reach at the desired consensus.

•As far as the importance of solar energy is concerned, it seems only accessible, as well as affordable option of green energy.

•As far as my father is concerned, he never imposed any restrictions on my freedom to choose career.

In this way, you can answer a question about which you are less certain or not confident.

According as

As per the dictionary definition, according as means ” in accord with the way in which”. For layman’s terms, it is used to express, “in line with something”.

•They will definitely stay in the hotel according as they have no other options right now.

•She can work according as she has capacity.

•He can tolerate the hardship according as he has experience.

Apart from as far as and according as, there are other phrases or conjunctions used to express manners. Among them, “as” conjunction is widely used to describe manners or conditions. Besides, in so far as and so far as are rarely preferred phrases.

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