Use of noun phrase

You know that noun phrase functions like noun within the sentence. So, it can be used as a subject, objects, or  any complements as per the demands of sentence.



•Subject complement,

•Object complements,

•Object of preposition,

Noun phrase as a subject

Noun phrase could be a single word or group of many words including modifiers, determiners, head noun.

Here are some useful examples as a subject:-

•Five people will be awarded for saving vulnerable species. (noun phrase – five people)

•Three twenty-one years old college students were injured in the road accident. (three twenty-one years old college students)

•Many people are interested in using green technology. (many people)

•Several trucks are used to carry apples. (several trucks)

•A short tempered man was shouting at his servant. (a short tempered man)

•The rabbit quickly ran into the meadow. (the rabbit)

In the above examples, it is used as a subject of the sentence.

Noun phrase as a object

•Students are demanding a new football. (noun phrase — a new football– object )

•My friend has just sold his used vintage car. (his used vintage car)

•We saw a hunter who was chasing a wild pig. (a wild pig)

•They are drawing a beautiful picture. (a beautiful picture)

Subject complement

Subject complement is a word or group of words used to complete describe subject of the sentence. Noun phrase can be used as a subject complement to give information about subject.

•He is an outstanding football player. (noun phrase — an outstanding football player– subject complement)

•Tiger is an endangered species. (an endangered species)

•Mango is a tropical fruit. (a tropical fruit)

•The Ganga is a perennial Indian River. (a perennial Indian river)

 Object complement

•Selection committee made him team captain. (noun phrase — team captain — object complement)

•He has nominated his younger son the chief executive officer of company. (the chief executive officer of company)

Object of preposition

Apart from this, it can be used as a object of preposition in the preposition phrase.

•In the ground,

•In the forest,

•On the table,

•Over the tree,

•In front of house,

•By the car,

•Below the bridge. etc.

In this way, it plays various functions within the sentence to give required meaning.

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