Poverty in India capital of political fraternity


Poverty is the inherited treasure in India but the “politics of poverty” is the invention of political fraternity to capture throne.It is yet to be eradicated, despite being the most debated and discussed issue ever since the country’s independence.This blog”Poverty in India capital of political fraternity” explores the hidden reasons behind the failure of poverty eradication.

Subjugation under British rule

Fortunately, Indian leaders have a lot to blame for the persistent poverty. The most potent is the Indian subjugation under British rule.

It took almost three decades to come out of the belief system that British rule deserted India’s prosperity. During that period, British rule was the perpetual whipping boy for the Indian backwardness.

Convincingly, both parties use this magic wand interchangeably against each other to woo voters.

Gandhi dynasty presented as a saviour of poor

So far, Congress party is instrumental in presenting Gandhi Family, in its election campaign, as the “Messiah of poor” to milk vote of poor by giving lofty slogans in the form of “Garibi hatao”.

But in reality, the absolute number of poverty-trodden increased in hers rule. On the other hand, countries like China, without making so much noise,uprooted the menace of poverty very effectively.

Bjp’s omnipotent india

The present ruling party is two steps ahead of its opponent. It, with its coronation, declares that India is superpower and there is no trace of poverty. Immediately, they starts singing the greatness of historical past.

Actually, they do not believe in poverty and poor.They always see theirs India is shining. Diplomatically, they argue that it is the congress which is responsible for the country’s backwardness as it ruled most of the time after independence.

In this way, both parties have their own perspective and point of view argue against each other. One blames for British rule, whereas other for congress for the poverty. But in reality, poverty is sandwiched between two and growing upward sharply.


According to government data, India’s poverty rate is more than 24 percent, means around 400 million people are still living below 1.90$ per day. This means that the poverty in India is really a capital of political fraternity¬†

OObviously, it is convincingly maintained and perpetuated, to advance the intent to capture power, by the both leading parties.

Moreover, being poor is the structured mentality in India to reap the free of cost benefits. Without attitudinal transformation of both ruled and ruling, the menace of poverty cannot be eradicated effectively.

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